Most speed-dating events specify a certain cultural background, religion, or age group spil a requirement to participate.

Speed dating very first evolved overheen a decade ago, but it has become much more popular te latest years, especially among kind boomers and seniors. Perhaps the enlargening need for companionship is to blame, or maybe the adrenalin-pumping nature of the event makes it so attractive. Whatever the case may be, speed dating for older adults is more common and more useful than everzwijn before, it has transformed into an kunst, where those who can master its style are most successful. Now you might be wondering, how does one speed date? Where can I find a speed-dating event? Oh, and what is “speed dating” anyway?

Keep reading and wij will catch you up to speed (no pun intended).

What is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is a quick form of dating, designed for meeting numerous individuals te a brief amount of time. It is a formalized process ter which the participants are violated up into pairs and rotate vrouwen every 3-8 minutes (depending on the event). Each pair sits down and gets to know one another, or “date”. When time is up, the coordinator will stadionring a bell, suck a whistle, or clink a glass, at which point the participants switch seats to meet the next person. After the “daters” have done a total rotation and met one another, each individual will write a list of who he or she would like to see again. If two participants have written down each other’s names, the event organizer will forward the voeling information to both parties. (The idea is that the participants will not feel pressure to accept or request voeling information face to face.)

The very first organized speed-dating event took place te 1998 te Beverly Hills, California. Since then, speed dating has spread across the globe. Most speed-dating events specify a certain cultural background, religion, or age group spil a requirement to participate.

Among the over-50 population, this style of dating is especially common. With greater wisdom and dating practice, older adults tend to know exactly what they are looking for ter a fucking partner. For this reason, they benefit from quick dates, they know what questions to ask, and after just a few minutes, they can usually tell if there is potential for a relationship, romantic or non-romantic. Unnecessary to say, adults overheen 50 have hopped onto the speed-dating bandwagon and have come out victorious.

The Perks – Why is it so joy?!

Very first and foremost, speed dating eliminates pressure – pressure of providing out your phone number even when you don’t want to, pressure of avoiding awkward pauses ter conversation, pressure of telling your life story to a stranger you just met. You won’t get stuck with the date that never speaks or the date that talks non stop, because every date just lasts a few minutes. Granted, you may not get spil much time spil you’d like with the person you do love, but you have the chance to spend innumerable hours with that individual after the event is overheen.

2nd, it’s titillating. There’s nothing more arousing than meeting a ton of fresh potential dates ter one evening. And even after the event, the suspense of finding out who has waterput you on their rente list is thrilling. Nothing strikes the feeling of knowing the date you most loved is into you spil well.

The Kunst of Speed Dating

Speed dating might seem elementary, but there are four tips you should consider before embarking on your next speed-dating escapade.

1) You are going to meet slew of fresh people, so be ready for anything. At the risk of being boring, many dates will throw some pretty crazy questions at you. Of course, you don’t want to divulge too much private information to a volmaakt stranger, but you can politely response the questions and simply budge onto the next topic. When ter doubt, smile and nod – fear not, a fresh date awaits you ter just a few minutes!

Two) Agree to disagree. Hopefully, your date will not engage te political discussion or religious differences given the brief amount of time, but spil mentioned before, be ready for anything. If any disagreements arise, simply avoid them by politely switching the subject. You certainly do not want to be thrown off guard and te a poor mood when meeting the next potential fucking partner. Keep your spirits up! After all, you never know what set of eyes from across the slagroom may be on you.

Three) Make time to both ask and reaction questions. Since you will only have a few minutes for conversation with your date, it is significant that you get to know each other spil efficiently spil possible. If your date seems to be talking about him or herself for far too long, attempt to chime te with a relatable practice you have had or an rente you have te common. On the other arm, if you find that your date is asking too many questions, simply switch roles the same questions back onto him or hier. That way, you both will get ample time to divulge and learn information about one another. Te the end, this will make your decision process much lighter!

Four) Lastly, go after your heart. Cheesy, wij know, but by far the most significant. Speed dating is all about very first impressions, simply trust your instincts about those you meet. If you feel a connection, there most likely is one! Te speed dating, only you are the best judge of who is right for you.

Sign Mij Up!

Now that you are fully ready for your next speed-dating extravaganza, you are most likely asking yourself, ‘Where can I find a speed-dating event near mij?’ Good question. Fortunate for you, wij can help!

Stitch is presently organizing speed-dating events te select areas. If you would like to be notified about when and where future events will be taking place, make sure to sign up to receive the Stitch newsletter. At this time, wij are only inviting registered Stitch members to our events, but wij will be extending the speed-dating joy to others ter the near future. Sign up for our Stitch newsletter here, and wij will keep you ter the loop!

If you are interested ter the digital version of speed dating, or “speed stitching” spil wij like to call it, check out our Stitch webstek. Stitch is the real-life version of speed dating overheen 50, through our service, meeting people is quick and elementary. You won’t feel any pressure, and you certainly won’t be stuck with a bad date. If you are not interested te a profile, no problem… onto the next one! If both you and your potential companion express rente te one another, then wij will introduce you two! Stitch helps you speed date from your huis or wherever you please. Interested? Click here to register with us.

Other popular speed dating companies include HurryDate and 8-Minute Dating.

Still hesitant of how the entire speed-dating thing works? Click here to witness a movie clip about speed dating for older adults!

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