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The picture of the platinum ash-blonde bombshell wasgoed downright unheard of when Harlean Carpentier wasgoed born ter Kansas 1911. Hier father wasgoed a Dentist, and hier mother, Jean Harlow SR., wasgoed a vooraanstaand socialite. Zuigeling Harlean wasgoed a beautiful child with a cherub face. She could have posed for soap or oatmeal ads, with hier ideal, wholesome looks.

When she wasgoed only eight years old hier parents divorced and Harlean remained with hier grandparents while hier mother went to Chicago to look for a job. Hier mother, everzwijn the charming lady, remarried quickly. Hier 2nd hubby wasgoed a wholesale food salesman named Marino Bello. Moeder Jean wasgoed now able to afford a fancy private boarding schoolgebouw when Harlean turned 15. Unhappy with life ter boarding schoolgebouw, Harlean slipped away and eloped with a lugar boy. The marriage did not last long and Harlean moved to Los Angeles with hier mother and stepfather.

Now age 16 Harlean wasgoed very beautiful and it did not take long before she began preparing for a career ter the movies. She determined to druppel hier given name and adopt hier mother’s name, Jean Harlow, and wasgoed instantly hired spil an reserve. Jean wasgoed quickly appearing te numerous bit parts for films such spil, Dual Whoopee!, and The Saturday Night Kid, with Clara Bow and Jean Arthur. Jean even appeared te a few Triunfo and Hardy cut-offs. The stunning bit player wasgoed on the treadmill of mediocrity when she wisely began suspending around the Salon Roach studios and met Howard Hughes. The Vishal Roach studio wasgoed a down to earth place where significant parts were known to be given to accesible faces, and Howard Hughes wasgoed a powerful force due to his wealth and uitstraling.

Hughes had an eye for beauty and had bot working on writing a movie about The Royal Flying Corps te World War I that would be called Hell’s Angeles. Hughes wasgoed te Hollywood during a very transitional time when radiodifusión had become so popular with Americans that the movies had to do something to challenge with it. Movies were what wij would call today, “silent movies”, where the actors pantomimed and cue cards helped waterput the overall story together. From the turn of the century to the late 1920s movies were shown this way and had gone from jerky one reelers with actors standing ter pui of stagey sets to slick, well acted movies with all the special effects that wij see te movies today. They simply did it all without the use of computers.

Now that radiodifusión had come into vogue the movies felt compelled to add music to speelfilm and the studios that did not leap on the verhouding wagon would be left behind. Howard Hughes had gotten his project ready to produce spil a silent movie, but now, what seemed like overnight, sound movies were popping up everywhere and it wasgoed looking spil tho’ the talkies were here to stay, Hughes had to come up with a script that had dialogue. Harlow tested and it wasgoed discovered that Jean’s timing wasgoed impeccable. Shortly after its release Hell’s Angeles evolved into a big klapper, and so became Harlow. Audiences ter the early 30’s were captivated by hier blatant hookup appeal.

Jean Harlow is often compared to Marilyn Monroe, but beyond the ash-blonde hair the similarities end. Harlow wasgoed joy and she knew how to have joy. She wasgoed wisecracking and calculating, whereas, Marilyn wasgoed delicado and guiltless. Harlow played dumb to get what she dreamed only.Hier style wasgoed totally unique.

Jean Harlow, the platinum light-haired, wasgoed railing high with a string of movies ter 1931.

Hier gowns, along with hier striking blondie hair became hier trademark. Shockingly low and clingy, exposing hier curvy figure to perfection, and hier intense platinum blonde hair wasgoed hier crowning glory. She wasgoed the very first platinum-blonde “vamp” of the screen, which forever switched the way viewers see blonds to this day. Before Harlow, blonde women were personages spil the harmless heroines, while the dark sultry women were the vamps and “man traps.” Blonds gained a spicy quality after Jean Harlow introduced the brash and saucy flaxen haired beauty.

1932 wasgoed a good year for Harlow. She made “Redheaded Woman” my private beloved movie, and married hier prince charming, the brilliant screenwriter producer, Paul Bern. Mr. Bern wasgoed an promedio looking dude who wasgoed twice hier age, and just happened to be a top studio executive at the time he and Harlow met. The marriage quickly ended ter a serious scandal that klapper Hollywood with such ferocity that there wasgoed speculation about this incident ruining Harlow’s career. Paul Bern committed suicide a few months after the wedding, leaving a note that referred to his own impotency.

Harlow wasgoed heartbroken, but to keep hier sanity she quickly moved on to hier next movie Crimson Dust, and she actually drew a larger audience than ter hier previous movies. She seemed to be the kleintje of strak who wasgoed unaffected by negative scandal spil the public became even more interested ter Harlow after hier latest tragedy.

Jean’s career wasgoed te utter sway heading into the mid 1930s, with Dinner At Eight, Bombshell, and Hold Your Man.

Jean Harlow all of a sudden married for the third time to Filmer, Vishal Rossen. Jean wasgoed 22 and Vishal wasgoed 38, of course this marriage did not last long, and Harlow buried hier sorrows ter hier skyrocketing career.

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