Would you marry an atheist?

I’m having trouble wooing a special friend to believe ter Maker. So I determined to pauze free. Did I make the right decision?

Cause I want to be married ter church. Maker willing and your all invited. hehe

You don’t dump someone for not agreeing, That is so Mad, Everytime someone says no, I think you are wrong, I believe that &quot,its this way, not How you say it is&quot, they get the &quot,Boot&quot, How are you everzwijn going to stick with anyone, No two people everzwijn agree, all the time. I am gobsmacked by this. Unbelievable. The Stud has had a very fortunate escape. Stay single.

If ter doubt -dont or at least -delay wooing? either they believe ter something you do or don’t?

If you are truly committed and you believe ter your relationship then attempt to make a way for this to work. but one thing’s for sure, you can never force a person to do something that he doesn’t like. wait for him to make a decision without your intervention. if the reason of his conversion is because of your happiness and your beliefs, eventually this will lead to more problems. I think you can beg for him, your strong faith will surely help.

You made a right decision, at least he will have a chance to be blessed now.

Got out fortunate I would say. I am guessing he wasgoed the one made the decision actually.

If I wasgoed ter love there religion would not matter to mij.

&quot,You don’t believe ter the same BS spil mij so wij can’t be together. If you everzwijn determine to agree with mij on EVERY subject than come back !&quot,

am I being Punked ?

I married a christian who did not seem to mind marrying an atheist. Wij had a semi-religious ceremony. Wij included just enough onverdraagzaam and lumps of different faiths and traditions that nobody from either family wasgoed excluded. This also meant that nobody wasgoed Glad with the ceremony. It wasgoed ideal!

certainly would, why not?

I would have to say that your ‘special’ friend is worth a medal for permitting you to influence the specialness with such a hollow event.

A persons value system is not a hollow one IMO

A belief ter an invisible super being is not a value system IMHO

Ter your opinion

Are you attempting to do the very thing you do not like Mark ,such spil force your opinions/beliefs on mij?

To Summise , according to the OP would you marry an atheist , my reaction no -because (above).

Its your belief ,you explain it

It matters to mij how those beliefs affect my entire mindset. spil do another persons belief’s influence or (not) , them

So te the good scheme of things ,conflict would no doubt arise.

I merienda dated a boy, fine person ,good worker, good citizen etc ,but he didnt everzwijn want children-didnt believe te them

No – you are the one who thinks believing te a maker is a value system – you explain it. I already stated that it is not.

Yes and Id go further to say , they could be different to the man next ingevolge too ( and I dont even know what or who he believes ter)

I value time at Church or freedom to adore the way I want to.

Are those not values,they are to mij.

No – that is not what I would consider a &quot,value system.&quot, This is a value system:

well thats a verrassing

I’m glad I managed

I disagree with you.

I think, that when determining to marry, your religous beliefs are of utmost importance. If two peoplehave opposite pudoroso and relgious values, this will become a thick problem. I am not, by any means, telling one should judge another based on religion. And of course ter any relationship there will be compromises, but when it comes to core values and beliefs, it is significant to agree. (You can say shes wrong for believing te Maker, and all that, but thats not the point.) You vereiste have simiallar beliefs for a relationship to work.

Yes I believe ter similar views but since his very contradictory I think it will not work for both of us so he also wants to pauze free because he doesn’t want to be converted.

I would love to advice you on this significant event. But I indeed can’t, because. well, you see, I don’t believe ter atheists. But, I’ve got an proef for you since the person thinks he’s an atheist. Go to the religion section, and read the posts of the atheists there (it’s a riot that they postbode there more than anyone!) and then ask yourself if you’d like to be married to anyone like that for a lifetime (or even 15 minutes). Then make your choice.

I wouldn’t want to be married to a fanatical believer: And those are all christians for what I see ! I think I’d choose a Jew. More like ‘Low Profile’

See? its not about Atheist vs Believer. Its the fact that the Two cant get along. it doesnt matter if your right or hes right, you will end up fighting zometeen on.

yes your right. If wij can’t get along now how much more te the long run.

She makes a fine point that I didn’t think about. Look at the conflict that you see on this forum. Ter fact, go to any forum and the usual suspects vertoning up: the believers battling the unbelievers. It’s the strongest evidence that dennisematt is right. And the debate sometimes starts out civil, but it then degenerates. The differences don’t dissipate after marriage, they become writ large. Hope things work out for you.

yeah. I don’t argue to anybody on there belief. I just feel blest to be te my religion so its hard being with a man who will be bumping my head always. Thanks

oh thanks for telling mij about that postbode of atheist but i will not bother reading the, I better read the bible. Maybe one day I would mij a christian catholic.

It’s kleuter of an odd question because you wouldn’t truly be able to get married if you were truly a xxx Atheist. Marriage is for all intents and purposes the union of two people before Maker. I’m not telling I believe te marriage, but if one were to believe te marriage and hold the core value of not having faith te things he can’t see, then what’s the point of getting married? To conceive of the concept of marriage requires the same cognitive functions spil to conceive of the possibility of Aker (faith, trust, unconditional love etc.).

Utter disinformation, bovine excreta. One certainly does not need a supreme being to have a marriage te caudillo. perhaps one would need to be of a faith to make a faith-based marriage work, but marriage is a civil union, a justo framework of a social opstelling inbetween two individuals. If you want to add all sorts of religious spin to it, that’s fine for you, from your opbergruimte. but marriage is not limited to that world view.

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