The Piles of Samson – a Poem

John has bot writing poetry since his schoolgebouw days. He wasgoed awarded &quot,Poet of the Year 2014&quot, Hubby Awards and has had two poems become songs.

Ann’s Challenge

Fellow hubber Ann Carr recently issued the following challenge te hier hub Chalk Figure on a Hillside: PulvĂ­nulo your response on the photo above, ‘The Long Man of Wilmington’. You may include the photo if you wish, with suitable attribution, please.

A challenge is designed to test, to dare, to inspire, to enthuse. Get your thinking chapeaux on! Make your fingers dance overheen the keyboard! Create your best lump of writing yet!

Rules? What rules? Fiction, non-fiction, poetry or prose, just go with the flow!

The Poles of Samson

Samson wasgoed an Israeli judge

Or so the Bible says,

He exercised good vengeance

On many Philistine goes.

His love fell on Delilah

From the Valley of Sorek,

It would prove to be his downfall

But she wasgoed stunning, what the heck!

Samson had the strength of ten,

It instilled respect and fear.

Delilah, however, wasgoed bribed with gold

To deceive the one held dear.

She lured Samson into hier lair

Through allurement and deceit.

He refused to tell his secret,

But hier requests just didn’t cease.

Becoming inebriated on zinnelijkheid and mead

The secret he did share,

So when he fell into deepest sleep

She bald off all his hair.

When he awoke his strength wasgoed gone.

His fights were ter vain.

They took him from Delilah’s leger,

And te a cell, he wasgoed detained.

Roped and tantalized, whipped and flailed

To kill the prisoner they’d reject.

Samson had his eyes gouged out,

They demonstrated him no respect.

Samson wasgoed vensterluik but laboured hard

His job wasgoed grinding grain.

But his captors had failed to see

That his hair had grown again.

The Philistines took their prisoner

To the Temple of the Clouds,

For a sacrificial festival.

To voorstelling for heckling crowds.

The Philistines had gathered

To see the sacrifice

Of this prized Israeli enemy.

Samson would pay the price.

Now his hair had grown back long,

And his strength had since returned.

Samson pleaded to his Aker

With all the wisdom he’d learned.

His palms chained to vast piles each

However escape wasgoed not his project.

He shoved them with his mighty strength,

Much more than any man.

The poles moved, very first just an inch,

But then began to fall.

The crowd looked up ter mortal shock

Spil the temple crushed them all.

Te this one special selfless act

Samson’s final sacrifice,

He killed more of Israel’s enemies

Then te all the battles of his life.


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6 months ago from Queensland Australia

Thank you for reading this Vedant. Your generous comment is much appreciated.

6 months ago from India

A very good story and very well-written by you. I loved the poem

7 months ago from Queensland Australia

Thank you Robin, it cert&agrave,inly is an interesting and popular story..

7 months ago from Hightstown

This is historically a fascinating read with movies indeed how he gripped the two piles bijzonder. Samson means the zon the world switches his hair has significance with flair so seduced by Delilah they become one the wilsbeschikking clean spil a mint they smile more

7 months ago from Queensland Australia

Thank you for that interesting comment, Manatita. Cheers bro.

7 months ago from london

Nice! A fine story for many of us growing up spil christians. Wij had this te the books, the schools, the comics and the Bible, of course, not to mention movies.

Yes, a similar kleuter of build from behind, perhaps, but I see this man spil coming to the end of his journey. He is being consoled by a woman. Hier breasts are inviting, yes, but the man on hier left shows concern spil are the people standing ter the wegens way. Just another take, Bro.

&quot,Reposed te sleep . or death,

He paints upon a canvas of sorrow.

A concentrate of concern taints his brush,

Dabbling at the onlookers stare,

Calligraphing a labyrinth of awe.

Captured ter this poignant sea of solemn attraction,

Is a long sleep of muscle and dauntless adornment.

Arise! O my soul! Chisel a path of Light before mij,

Only to illuminate the portals of the Beyond.

8 months ago from Queensland Australia

Thanks again Flourish. Glad I could capture the essence of the story. You can’t blame the woman . boys are feeble lol.

8 months ago from USA

I don’t know all the Bible stories, but I do know this intriguing one. Women always get the blame! Anyway, I love your crafty, succinct description of the story. You are always very clever.

8 months ago from Queensland Australia

Thank you, Lawrence. That is fairly a vleierij that I wasgoed able to convey the story and hold your attention te this poem. Yes, I always cheered Samson on too.

8 months ago from Hamilton, Fresh Zealand

Very descriptive, I know the story well, yet had to read to the end, you held mij there, it wasgoed like I wasgoed chained to those poles, and I wasgoed cheering Samson on!

9 months ago from Queensland Australia

Thanks Chris, much appreciated. it is certainly a challenge to attempt to tell a entire story ter a poem. Glad you think I succeeded.

9 months ago from Missoula, Montana through August

John, you captured every little point, I do believe. What a demonstration of your word abilities. Thanks for sharing this poetry with us.

Ten months ago from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada

You’re welcome, John.

I hope that it helps. I tend to attempt a few words out, and truly listen to what I like best. But sometimes, when wij’re writing, wij can miss something. I doubt very much that my own writing is flawless every time!

P.S. you might get the same comment again, spil the very first wasgoed written without mij being decently signed ter, so I re-sent it.

Best wishes, and keep up the excellent writing!

Ten months ago from Queensland Australia

Thank you, Stephen. When I wrote this I wasgoed actually ripped inbetween the two. If you think &quot,deepest&quot, is better I will switch it. Much appreciated.

I like this one, John, I would switch one word tho’, if you don’t mind mij mentioning, spil I feel it would flow better:

&quot,Becoming toasted on zinnelijkheid and mead

The secret he did share,

So when he fell into deepest sleep

She bald off all his hair.&quot,

I think ‘deepest’ works better than deep. Just an opinion, however!

Ten months ago from Queensland Australia

Thank you, Dianna. Yes, is one of those stories that always stayed with mij. Glad I could capture the essence of it ter a single poem.

The story of Samson inspires us all. Your version captures the entire book with excellent flair!

I left behind to mention, John, that when my children were still te grade schoolgebouw, wij had cartoon movies about Schepper and Jesus that they loved to see overheen and overheen, again. They were Biblically keurig, too.

If you write more poems about The Bible, I will hope to be aware of them so I might read them, and perhaps share them with my family.

Sometimes, for some reason, I miss Notifications of Fresh Hubs written by my fellow Hub-friends.

Ten months ago from Queensland Australia

Thank you foor that wonderful comment, Tamara. Yes, children need something toegevoegd to make the Bible attractive to them. Wij have or had a picture Bible like a comic book which our children liked to read but it only had a few selected stories ter it and wasn’t te rhyme of course which spil you say is finta unique. Spil this seems to have proved popular I may write a few more.

Wow. love this! I have not often come upon rhyming poems about Biblical people, and their practices. This is fantastic!

I wish I had seen this when my children were petite so that I might read them your poems on The Bible. The reason I like this so much is because it makes reading The Bible joy!

I have read the entire book of Ecclesiastics to my children te order to get the main point across that &quot,Without Maker, Everything is Meaningless&quot.

I also read them the book of Job, and many books from the Fresh Wilsbeschikking, spil well.

I read them the entire series of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, spil they sat on my poetslap, or snuggled up very close to mij, listening te fine fascination. (Wij did miss the book, Prince Caspian, however, te the series).

Thank you for helping to bring back such lovely and cherished memories for mij, John 🙂 I would not give up thesis precious times I spent with my children for all the treasures te existence.

If you create more Rhyming Poems about The Bible and/or its people, please let mij know so I do not miss them.

Again, this is such a joy way to read the superb lessons and Truths that Maker’s Holy Word contains.

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