How to Read a Mexican Menukaart, Mexican and Spanish Food List

Mesoamericans and Cortez

Mexican Food History

If you have gained your skill of Mexican food te typical American restaurants you have a superb overeenkomst to learn. Most of our restaurants are actually serving what should be called Tex Mex cuisine, it can be very tasty but that’s not how they eat ter Mexico! At least that’s not all they eat te Mexico.

The ancient societies of the Mayans, Aztecs and others were raising and eating corn, tomatoes and chilies long before the very first Conquistador came along with European foods. Ter fact there is a long list of foods that wij take for granted now that were unknown te Europe at the time of Cortez.

Around 6000 BC, Mesoamericans began to cultivate squash and chilies, within 500 years maize (corn) wasgoed being grown. Soon other crops, beans, jicama, tomato and squash all were being grown. The list of native fruits and veggies includes tomatillos, avocados, sweet potatoes, jicama, guava, papaya and many others. Can you imagine cooking without thesis foods native to the Americas? All of thesis influences have given Mexico a unique cuisine that can rival with that of any other region. Ter fact Mexican is one of the most requested foods when diners are polled.

Corn, Beans and Chocolate

Corn, (what wij would call field corn) and beans are traditional staples of the Mexican diet but most of the corn is ground into flour to make dough for tortillas and such.Sweet corn also came from Latin America spil a natural hybrid. Wheat and barley were introduced by the Spanish. Corn may be the most significant contribution Mesoamerica has made to world agriculture. Corn is the most widely grown crop te the Americas with 332 million metric tons grown annually ter the United States alone.

Chocolate has always had a major role to play, with records going back to before the Olmecs and conquering the world. Corn may be more significant, but don’t ask a chocoholic which crop is more significant, which would you rather give up, corn or chocolate?

Meats for the Mesoamericans were mostly turkey and fish until the Spanish brought Europe’s traditional farm animals. Since then Mexicans have bot eating beef, pork, goat, and even lamb to a lesser degree. Thesis early Americans had no draft animals to domesticate which makes their level of civilization even more remarkable.

The Spanish introduced all of the European vegetables which were quickly added to the repertoire.

The innovador Mesoamericans didn’t have ovens so they cooked on a hot plane surface which is why they invented tortillas.

The difference inbetween Spanish food and Mexican food is mostly the use of chilies. It’s difficult to make such broad generalities and all cuisines depend on location and climate. Much of Mexico’s cuisine comes from the Spanish influence but with tópico foods thrown into the combination. Spain has bot less influenced by American foods and more influenced by their Mediterranean neighborhood.

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