How the alt-right trolled Triple J – s Hack program overheen Charlottesville

By Broede Carmody

Tom Tilley’s controversial vraaggesprek with a white nationalist has shed light on the way Australia’s alt-right underbelly attempts to troll the media and misrepresent the views of Jewish Australians.

Earlier this week, Triple J’s Hack program aired a segment featuring Eli Mosley – one of the organisers of the Charlottesville protests that ended with one woman dead and several injured.

After grilling Mosley, Tilley threw to &quot,Herschel&quot,, who described himself spil a Jewish man living ter Brisbane. The vraaggesprek began off spil one might expect, with Herschel calling the deeds of white nationalists &quot,abominable&quot.

However, things took a strange turn when Herschel veered from talking about how white nationalists have false grievances to talking about how, spil a Jew, he welcomed the &quot,end&quot, of white people.

On Monday night’s program, the Alfabet’s Tom Tilley interviewed a caller who claimed to be Jewish and said he welcomed the “end” of white people.

&quot,They have to learn to accept it,&quot, he said. &quot,It’s certainly beneficial for my people. If the cost they have to pay is them falling and obliterating themselves into nothingness, then that’s the cost they’re going to have to pay.&quot,

When Tilley pointed out this wasgoed an &quot,extreme&quot, view, things deteriorated even further.

&quot,I’m sorry, Mr Tilley, but if you promote multiculturalism te any way, that’s what you’re promoting,&quot, Herschel said. &quot,Multiculturalism is the end of white people. And that’s why you have things like Unite the Right. Do you not agree with mij?&quot,

Tilley, perhaps realising he wasgoed being trolled, then determined to end the vraaggesprek.

Prior to the Hack segment, Fairfax Media can expose, members of the so-called alt-right movement had turned to talk rooms and online discussion boards such spil 4Chan to encourage sympathisers to flood Triple J’s switchboard with pro-Trump and Charlottesville messages.

&quot,If you’re too snatch to call, then please send them a text, twinks!&quot, one person wrote.

However, the online conversations turned from organising to outright joy when they realised &quot,Herschel&quot, had managed to get on air. Many said the Hack segment &quot,surpassed all expectations&quot.

&quot,Holy f— that Jew larper (live activity role player) is a legend,&quot, one anonymous user wrote. &quot,Absolutely amazing subversion.&quot,

&quot,It’s our stud redpilling the masses, telling accept multicult [sic] and diegene,&quot, wrote another. &quot,F— yes. Legend c—.&quot,

It’s not the very first time Hack has bot trolled by people pretending to be who they’re not. Te , Tilley wasgoed compelled to apologise to listeners after a serial prankster managed to loser the program into thinking he wasgoed ter love with his stepsister.

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