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If you have a unofficial version of the spel, I cannot assist with any issues you may have.

Toggle HUD: Default – J Key

Save Spel: Default – K Key

Stream Spel: Default – F11 Key

  • Apply for a regular or collegium entry job.
  • Attend collegium and obtain a degree.
  • Earn a daily salary
  • Earn Promotions at your current job.
  • Embark from nothing and work your way up
  • Choose from numerous jobs
  • Take the Taxi Driver course
  • Create your own jobs using our API!
  • Playable Jobs.

Trio) Place “JobsV” into your “scripts” folder.

Four) *Optional* configure JobsV

Q: Will there be a mini-game for the job?

A: Yes, ter future updates wij will add the play-ability for the jobs. Wij have implemented some jobs that already have play-ability.

A: I check most of the comments here, but if you want meteen voeling with mij you can email mij at [email protected] with all the details!

A: Please report all issues to our GitHub Repo.

A: Wij have an effortless to use API for developers. This permits you to create fresh jobs, wij will advance the API spil wij stir forward. (API Example Script:

Spil of now, this extension is ter Beta, which means most of the features and functions are not available at this uur. Every release will have extended features and bug fixes.

To attend collegium, visit the “ULSA” campus entrance near the flag pole.

The total cost of the collegium course is $8000.

To take this course, visit the “ULSA” campus entrance near the flag pole.

The total cost of the course is $1000.

Location | Job Title | Salary |

  • Life Invader Building | Programmer | $50 /hr |
  • Los Santos City Fire station | Firefighter | $Ten /hr | THIS JOB IS UNSTABLE

– Compatible with latest ScriptHookDotNet

-!READ Switch Loom Opstopping!

– Compatible with latest ScriptHookDotNet

– Compatible with latest ScriptHookDotNet

– UI Switches: Fresh Notifications, Objective Text

– Fresh Job: Helicopter Pilot

– Motionless Pilot Jobs landing.

– Autosave Option (Config)

– Switched Interaction Default Key to “E” (Conflicted with “Insert”/Reload Key)

– Minor API Tweaks. Added reserve param bool for RequireLicense

– Compatible with ScriptHookDotNet Two.1 & Higher

– Added Flow/Save Spel

– Default Keys are: F11 = Geyser Spel, K = Save Spel. You can configure thesis buttons te JobsV.config

– Job Pilot Added (Playable)

– Taxi Driver Instructor now uses speech to react to your driving.

– Updated Driving Course.

– Made Driving Course More Challenging – Driving reckless could add points to the “Offroad Warning”.

– Switched Max Warning Level for Driving Course to x/1000

– You now can abandon working whenever and earn pay on how many hours you worked.

– Minor UI Switches

– Minor Bug Fixes

– Taxi License Course Now Available:

– Drivable License Test with Instructor

– Possibilties of Failing if you: Speed, Crash, Uitgang Voertuig, Receive Wished Level, or go off road too long.

– AI Instructor will react to how you are driving. Example: If you go off the road he will warn you.

– Instructor UI Menukaart

– Fresh UI Switches, Neater look, and Custom-made Pop-Up Informatie Spijskaart (Toggable and Configurable)

– Toggle UI Menukaart (Default J Key) Configure if you like.

– Puny Bug Fixes

– Dying while firefighter comebacks back to regular.

Developers can now create their own Job Extension! Below is an example script using JobsV API.

Add JobsV.dll to your references, add invoer for JobsV.API.

Alpha – Petite Additions, and features

Beta – Bug Fixes, and Features

Release – Utter Features w/ Code Clean Up

JobsV © All Rights Reserved

All files are possessed by Tyler Esposito, any modification, or distribution of this opstopping without the written consent from Tyler Esposito is rigorously prohibited.

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