40 and Single? Maybe You – re Telling Yourself Thesis Ten Lies

Single and sick of it? Find out what you can do to switch your behavior.

If you are a single woman overheen 40, you have a love history. You’ve bot te relationships before and you may want one now, but for whatever reason you toevluchthaven’t found the right person yet.

Maybe you’re divorced and frustrated with dating or toevluchthaven’t ventured back out to the dating pool. You could be a widow and uncertain of everzwijn finding another man like your spouse. Perhaps you were te a live-in or long-term relationship that ended, so you’re single again.

Spil a dating coach for women overheen 40, I know finding love the 2nd time around (or even the very first) is not effortless. Still, people fall ter love every day and many of my clients do find that loving man. So what’s the problem?

This might seem harsh, but you are likely telling yourself several lies about love after 40 that are hurting you. Thesis negative beliefs prevent you from connecting, or worse, zekering you from even looking.

Clients come to mij with thesis limiting ideas about dating, love and fellows, and it’s my job to help them turn things around. Working with mij, women convert the lies to create opportunities. And that’s how they manage to find love again!

Here are some of the lies you may be telling yourself that are preventing you from finding love.

  1. All the good studs are taken. This is what I hear most frequently from clients. However, thinking about this statistically, there just has to be good single dudes available since half the adult population ter the U.S. is single. Dudes get divorced for the same reason women do, they grew chic from their wives, their wives cheated or circumstances just switched. Some fellows had their heart cracked earlier te life and are just recovering and ready now. There are lots of reasons why good fellows are single and looking for a woman like you. The fact is that now, more than any other time te history, there are a loterijlot of people te their 40s, 50s and 60s who are single and looking for love. So don’t believe that there are no good boys out there!
  2. I already had my one slok at love. Widows often believe this, particularly if they had a wonderful relationship with their husbands. They come away thinking that they will never find such a good man again. However, this is exactly the reason why it is possible, if you found excellent love merienda, you can certainly do it again. You have the track record for success. Consider your circumstances differently and recognize that you are a magnet for love, since your energy is packed with loving thoughts from your past.
  3. Looking for love is not worth the trouble. Dating is raunchy and you may reach a point when you feel that it is too tedious and too much effort. But that feeling is just a symptom of your belief that you don’t think it’s possible to find love. On the other palm, if you indeed believe that you will find love, then you know every man you meet brings you one step closer to finding the right man for you. I dated 30 fellows ter 15 months to find my delicioso hubby. Wasgoed I everzwijn sad, disappointed or disgusted? Of course! But I would remind myself that I wasgoed on the path to find love and nothing wasgoed going to get te my way. So nothing did. It took dating 30 studs, but it wasgoed entirely worth every bad date and heartbreak along the way. Dating is a process. Be ter it to win and find the love you deserve.
  4. If the stud’s not a Ten, I can’t be bothered. If you feel this way, you will surely be single for a long time! After 40, the chances of Mr. Right knocking on your ingevolge are zero. You are going to have to get off the couch and do your part to cross paths with lots of boys. Dating is a numbers spel so the more studs you meet, the better your chances for finding the love you want. Will every man you meet be ideal? Of course not! Most of the studs you meet will not be right. But you don’t need them to be because you only need one. Te addition, no man is ideal (and neither are you). The flawless man does not exist, he is a myth and a fairytale. However, I ensure there is a man who is the right one for you. Get overheen this idea of perfection or you will stay single.
  5. He’s not spil good spil my girlfriends. I’m often astonished when a woman compares the fellows she dates to hier girlfriends. Gravely? How could a man everzwijn compare to your girlfriends? Dudes are not like women! They are dramatically different. Wij are not brought up the same, wij have different all-natural skill sets and our brains are wired differently. Wij may be equals, but that does not make us the same. Expecting a man to be like your girlfriends means he is roped to fail. Most dudes will never be spil thoughtful or have the same depth of understanding spil your girlfriends. However, that doesn’t mean that dudes don’t have their own amazing contribution to make to your life. The right man expands and enhances your life te ways your girlfriends never will. My advice is to let go of this idea, because it will prevent you from finding the love you want.
  6. Most dudes are liars, cheats and players. Women who have bot burned by a man (or know people who have) tend to believe this, which I can understand. Spil your dating coach, I ask you to consider whether it can indeed be true that all guys are like this. Mathematically, it is just not possible. There are certainly fellows who do not cheat, lie or deny to lodge down. Personally, I found a man who is not like that, and I have many clients who have also found a fabulous, decente boy. When you believe that all boys are terrible, you will look for evidence that your viewpoint is onberispelijk. If you believe studs are wonderful, you will see examples to support that. Embark looking for examples of quality studs and you will notice that they are all around you.
  7. I never meet any interesting fellows. After 12 years of being a dating coach, one thing I know for sure about women who say this is that it’s not that they don’t meet interesting guys – they don’t meet any boys at all! Thesis women usually aren’t active and don’t date much or interact with studs. So it’s no verrassing that don’t meet anyone interesting. I wasgoed like this myself, before I got serious about finding love. Another note about wanting someone “interesting”: I’ve noticed many women find nice boys to be boring and bad boys to be interesting. Yes, a bad boy’s unpredictable and aloof personality does make him intriguing and you want to unravel the mystery. He becomes a challenge for you to win overheen. However, a bad boy won’t switch his stripes for you and won’t be good relationship material. If you insist on dating bad boys, count on heartbreak and torturous love affairs that do not sate.
  8. There aren’t any single dudes where I live. One of my clients, Sally, insisted that all of the fellows ter hier town were married. This is similar to the #1 lie that all the good dudes are taken but with a circunscrito spin. Granted, some areas do have more married than single people. But overall, 50% of adult Americans are not hitched, so they voorwaarde live near you, too. Through coaching, Sally, who had lost hier capability to notice boys, wasgoed able to open hier eyes to the ones around hier and find one for herself.
  9. Dudes today do not want a relationship. Let’s refer to Lie #6 about all studs being liars, cheaters and players, obviously, generalizations don’t hold much water. While not all studs want a long-term relationship, there are certainly some who do. If you want love, you need to do your part to meet slew of boys and screen them. Coach Amy Schoen says one way to know if a man is serious about finding love is the way he talks about his life and dating. For example, if the man you meet mentions moving or how much he loves women, he’s most likely not ready lodge down. If he says he’s tired of dating, he might be more serious about finding love. There are undoubtedly studs out there who would be thrilled to fall ter love with you, but you need to do your part.
  10. I don’t have time to date. This is something women tell themselves permanently. Yes, I know you are busy. But you make time for what you determine is significant. To find love, you’ll need to make it a priority. Carve time out of your calendar at least merienda a week to meet fresh people. If you cannot do that, you don’t indeed want to find love. When I wasgoed looking for my spouse, I went out at least merienda a week to a singles’ group or dance. Plus, I met dudes through individual ads (online dating wasgoed not popular yet ter 1998) and had at least one coffee date, if not more, every weekend. You need to create the space ter your schedule to find the love you want. If you say you just don’t have it, I understand. But you also need to admit that love is not a priority for you. There is no shame ter that because finding love takes effort and requires a strong desire to take the necessary steps.

I hope reviewing thesis lies opened your mind to fresh ways of looking at dating overheen 40. Merienda I found love, I dedicated my life to helping single women overheen 40 make that desire come true for them spil well. Since I found love, and many of my clients have too, I know you can do it!

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