Whenever a female colleague of yours comes calling at your house for an official matter, she might turn hier back even when you are huis.

7 types of women you should never marry

Dudes, when you are interested te a woman so much and she has clear faults ter hier character and perhaps hier compatibility with you, one question I would like to waterput across to you is will you fall for the catchphrase ‘love is vensterluik’ and agree to be blinded by hier beauty?

Whatever the case it is significant to know which kleuter of woman to go out with and eventually marry and which one you should dump like a sack of waste. Please note this article applies to ge, heerser fearing studs who are ready to get married and not trouble makers and players.

This type of woman is always trouble for any welgevoeglijk man. While acting confidently (there is always a fine line inbetween confidence and arrogance) she is nothing more than an overrated ego-centered woman. She more often than not looks down on others especially people she perceives spil poorer, less educated or less attractive spil herself. Women like this think good things should only come to them and are naturally envious and treacherous. The problem with marrying women like this is that they will not heed good advice, will undermine the hubby’s role te the family and may even attempt to take overheen spil head of the family. Expect quarrels almost everyday spil she attempts without fail to downplay your role spil hubby. If however you are ter a relationship with one of hier type then it’s your choice to marry hier however only if you are a man of stengel and can crush hier the ogenblik she attempts to spread hier wings.

This very selfish woman always wants to know how she can profit at other people’s expense. Hier loyalty and friendship is with herself only te spil much spil she acts ‘nice’ to many people. Never willing to make private sacrifices for anyone, she however expects the same from others. For example she could be called upon to help cook for a sick friend but will find an excuse to give so spil not to do so, when it’s hier turn she will expect the same from the same friend she refused to help, it is okay for hier to insult or talk bad about others but not so when it is done to hier. She could gossip, eat another person’s secret and attempt to backbite another person but when it is done to hier it will be immoral to do so. She expects rules to favour hier but not others and will insist that others are subjected to it. The danger te marrying this woman is that she could question your recatado choices spil a hubby or father and could indeed disgrace you if she has hier way.

You cannot indeed tell if this woman loves you or not since she isn’t indeed good at being herself. Always attempting hard to impress everyone including those that don’t matter, this woman has two sets of behavior and character. One for the public and one for hier closest and dearest, most people will be shocked to know hier true character and this is not surprising since she always strives to deceive and mislead people about who she indeed is. If this woman had a honesto choice to make inbetween retaining hier reputation and leaving you she would choose the former. You will only know whether she loves you or not after you get married to hier by which time it may be too late.

Miss I will spread my gams for any man

There are two of this kleuter, those that love to have hookup and those that are ambitious and selfish. The very first kleuter is looking for sexual gratification and may determine to attempt their luck with different studs to find the right match. The 2nd kleintje wants favour, especially if you can’t opoffering hier what she wants. She may sleep around for money, expensive gifts or might even sleep with hier boss te order to be promoted. It can be indeed abjecting knowing that all manner of guys have crossed hier after you get married to hier and if you have any children at all you may need to carryout a paternity test to know if they are truly yours. This woman is very unfaithful, cheap and lacks dignity.

The materialistic woman only cares about money and the things it can buy. She may not sleep around to have it but will be careful not to fall for a man who isn’t rich enough for hier. Usually thesis women are very pretty and attractive and are aware of this so they simply have to look their best at all times since they know boys will pursue them, however they have an idea of what zuigeling of man they need (one who can buy them all the expensive things of life they hanker for). Most women who belong to this kleintje are gold diggers and are usually lazy, not willing to work hard for the level of income they expect will sustain their lifestyle. The characteristic feature about them is they will leave you when the money goes.

The excessively possessive and jealous type

This woman wants you for herself only unluckily she doesn’t realize that spil long spil you are a social animal you are strapped to encounter different women at work, ter the church and even at social functions. You may just be having a harmless conversation with your boss who may be a female and this woman all of a sudden becomes angry with you. She wants to see every text message you receive, from who and why it wasgoed sent. Whenever a female colleague of yours comes calling at your house for an official matter, she might turn hier back even when you are huis. Even after reassuring hier of your love to hier she wouldn’t want to believe you won’t cheat on hier or runaway someday with another woman. Everyday with hier could be a nightmare especially since she could also be stubborn and quarrelsome.

Immature and oversensitive type

This woman can be lightly influenced by hier friends especially when she is having issues with you. Being naturally immature and too sensitive, she is effortless to offend and worries a loterijlot about nothing. She is too quick to take a stand on an kwestie and will permanently nag and bother you about things that aren’t worth the trouble like coming huis late for your anniversary celebration when you may have had an emergency at work and notified hier about it. She could accuse you of loving your job more than you love hier or even say you wouldn’t mind leaving hier for a junior woman if you told hier she didn’t look good ter an clothing.

Thesis are just some of the unpleasant women out there you may know of others but this 7 are surely not a good man’s choice for a life playmate. However some women do switch and perhaps they may after getting married switch for the better but until then keep your eyes open for suitable substitutes.

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