Unluckily, this abhorrent problem is further complicated by social networking sites, forums, online groups, etc where any adult can come in any talk slagroom, or become a &quot,friend&quot, or &quot,fan&quot, of someones pagina who is under Legitimate.


This webpagina provides an online form you can pack out if you find child porn on the internet. Bookmark it and USE IT. Spil individuals wij need to take a stand against child pornography.

  • http://www.asacp.org/pagina.php?content=report


    Wikipedia: Definition of CP

    Not sure what constitutes spil CP? Read this Wikipedia pagina. Has information on current events related to CP, permitido happenings involving CP, etc.

    USA TODAY: Software tracks child porn traffickers online

    An interesting article from USA TODAY about a man who developed software to help catch the sickos looking for CP online.




    If you come across child pornography on the internet DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

    So, the story is, I wasgoed contemplating what I would write my next hub pagina on. So, I hopped on Dogpile Search Spy, a implement that permits anyone to see what people are searching for on the Internet te efectivo time.

    I selected &quot,unfiltered results&quot, and I observed what people were searching for . for five minutes there were 8-10 searches for Child pornography (which I will refer to spil CP). Most of them contained aggressively violent and masochistic terms which would rule out any defense that people were searching for CP for a schoolgebouw paper or because they wished to find out what it is.

    I wasgoed SO disgusted to see that ANYONE out there would be searching for this type of material, and I BECAME NEAUSATED when i realized that some of thesis people aren’t just looking for naked pictures, they were looking for pictures that voorstelling child molestation, manhandle, and battery.

    Understandably, people who spend their time searching for this, and get pleasure out of such sick and twisted sites, content, and photos have some type of mental illness and need professional help. I have read about child molesters that like to &quot,look&quot, at CP so that they don’t act. This rational is, Finish BULLSHIT.

    Any person under Eighteen should not be nude te a photograph ANYWHERE especially online. Never-mind getting manhandled, hammered, raped and tormented te photos and movies online. And if you come across such content you should not ADMIRE IT, GET TURNED ON BY IT, OR EVEN BE EMBARRASSED AND CLOSE THE WINDOW AND Leave behind ABOUT IT. IF YOU COME ACROSS ANY TYPE OF CHILD PORN ON THE INTERNET YOU HAVE TO REPORT IT.

    CP on the Internet has bot te and out of the court systems. It is a topic that is always heated, but it is true that since this is so widespread on the Internet, its utterly hard to control. Websites and search engines are attempting to use rigorous search filters and not returning pornographic content. For example. if you Google &quot, child porn&quot, you will come up with results that are educational, news articles, lawsuits, information for victims etc. So, it seems like the search filters are HELPING, but it isn’t ideal. For example, any sicko who wants to get his fix of CP can play around with keywords and eventually he will get what he wants. For example &quot, Preeteen naked pics&quot.

    Unluckily, this abhorrent problem is further complicated by social networking sites, forums, online groups, etc where any adult can inject any talk slagroom, or become a &quot,friend&quot, or &quot,fan&quot, of someones pagina who is under Legal. Any adult can pose spil a fellow child. Wij’ve all seen news stories about adults pleading on children online, kidnapping them, molesting them, murdering them, etc. While wij all gasp ter shock, wij don’t take the time out to consider what wij spil INDIVDUALS can do about it. The courts, and popular search engines can only do so much.

    Instead of spending your time playing games online, bidding on ebay, talking with your friends, why not take some time out and make a difference:

    – If you come across CP REPORT IT right away with spil much detailed information spil possible. You can research ways to report CP, or I have included a verbinding to the right of this article. to a webpagina where you can report CP online.

    – Seek out CP. I’m not kidding, begin mixing up keywords, report everything you find. Merienda you see the graphic nature of the CP that is out there, I have a hard time thinking you WOULDN’T report it.

    -Keep an eye out te online groups or social bookmarking sites for CP. Report them to the webpagina, and report them to a thicker webpagina that will turn overheen CP reports to the authorities.

    – If you come across CP related discussion ter a talk slagroom, take down their screen name. Call the police and let them know exactly what wasgoed said. Save the talk if you can.

    – Educate and protect your children, or any children you know. Enforce taut limitations on your child’s Internet usage. Educador them, even if you get some backlash and they INSIST nothing bad will toebijten to them, better safe than sorry.

    -If your child is a member of social networking groups, make them give you their screen names and passwords. Keep an eye out for any racy photos they may postbode, or any older adults on their &quot,friends&quot, list. Read their messages. And no, your child isn’t entitled to privacy when they live under your house, under your rules, and are surfing an Internet total of sexual predators.

    – Check your history often. Tell your child that if they delete the history or cache, they will be grounded and lose rekentuig privileges.

    – Invest te a keystrokes program. Pedagogo what your child is talking/writing about online.

    – Google your child’s name, address, physical characteristic, any known screen names to make sure nothing sketchy is coming up ter the search results.

    – Keep your laptop password protected. Only permit your child on for a certain amount of time vanaf day. Do not let them use the internet late at night.

    – Get your childs screen name and passwords for any and all messaging programs and talk rooms.

    – Go to counseling to keep communication open with your child. If your child feels like they can’t talk to you, chances are, you won’t know if they are being preyed on by adults.

    – Pedagogo your childs phone calls.

    -Make them give you numbers of any friends houses they visit. Call and check up on them. Druppel them off yourself, so that you know they are indeed going there.

    – Have someone check on your child if they stay huis alone while you are at work.

    – Keep ter mind that some sexual predators do NOT hide the fact that they are adults ter talks and so forward. They will let your child know they are adults and use tactics like &quot,you can trust mij&quot,, &quot,you can talk to mij&quot,, &quot,I’ll take care of you&quot,, etc, etc.

    – Don’t take any chances. I know you can &quot,trus&quot, your child, but you never know. if you aren’t sure what type of creeps are out there, make up a screen name, something along the effects of &quot,babygirl14&quot, and go into teenage talk sites. Dont interact with other people. Sooner or zometeen YOU WILL get approached by an adult. Then you will see exactly what goes on when your children are online.

    No adult has any right to molest, strike, harm, crack, batter, etc etc ANY CHILD, children are the next generation, wij should admire and value their innocence and do our part to voorstelling them the world has good ter it. Don’t let sexual predators take away a childs innocence and display this brutal reality online for the world to see.

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