Tinder junkies confess: Tinderella and PUA on Hack Live: Swipe Right

ALY can spend hours on Tinder every day, talking to hier hundreds of matches. Chris has 750 matches but is always single. Real-life interactions are the problem.

Hack Live: Swipe Right – Tinder Addiction 1:Ten

Aly is a 26-year-old female who is a Tinder maniac. She’s had hundreds of matches – and often just uses Tinder to bump up hier self-esteem. She hasn’t given up dating ter actual life, but still uses Tinder for the majority of dates. But is online dating everything it’s cracked up to be for this ‘Tinderella’? Courtesy: Hack Live/Alfabet TV

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Aly, 26, spends hours swiping through dudes on Tinder. Picture: Alfabet Source:Alfabet

ALY can spend hours a day on Tinder, swiping through photos and talking to some of hier 250 current matches.

She’s only met one of them. Sometimes, just a &#x201C,Hello beautiful&#x201D, is enough for a self-esteem boost, says the 26-year-old from Melbourne, and she doesn’t need anything more from the stud.

&#x201C,I’m a mighty user,&#x201D, she told news.com.au. &#x201C,It can please an emotional need.

&#x201C,I might be on the couch feeling daggy and not indeed feeling good about myself. Then someone says, you’re looking good today.&#x201D,

At times, she’ll meet hier matches, but often she’ll flake on the real-life date – mainly because of hier own insecurities, she says. She’s startled she won’t live up to the person they’ve imagined after meeting online.

That has happened te the past. &#x201C,I’ve seen a stud physically lose rente ter mij, the spark go out of his eyes. That hurts. It puts you off to a degree.&#x201D,

Thesis days, she finds it lighter to talk to guys through the app than te efectivo life, where hier picture is less cautiously managed.

The 26-year-old from Melbourne says it’s made hier more superficial. Picture: Alfabet Source:Alfabet

&#x201C,It’s so much lighter to mess up ter auténtico life,&#x201D, she says. &#x201C,Online, I have more time to think about what I want to say.&#x201D,

She’s much more convenient approaching people spil a potential fucking partner on the app, but confesses it has made hier more superficial. &#x201C,It’s upped everyone’s standards by quiebro a lotsbestemming. I look at the photo and if I don’t think I’ll be attracted to them, I stir on.&#x201D,

Aly, an events co-ordinator, is what’s known spil a Tinderella – a doll whose love life revolves around the app. She shows up on tonight’s Hack Live: Swipe Right on ABC2 and Triple J for a live debate on how our radically altered dating landscape has switched us.

She believes Tinder has made Gen Y lose certain face-to-face communication abilities. &#x201C,I’ve lost the capability to say I’m not interested.&#x201D,

Aly says she’s reluctant even to complain about a bad coffee now, she’s so used to leaving the negativity for the safety of behind a screen. But she doesn’t see hier dating habits switching.

Hack Live: Swipe Right – Dating Coach 1:11

Chris is a 23-year-old man who is overheen finding a relationship online. He’s had hundreds of Tinder matches but only a few dates. But how do you find someone te vivo life? Chris seeks out the help of Dating Coach Jonathan Sanky. Does Chris has what it takes to be a successful pick-up artist? Courtesy: Hack Live/Alfabet TV

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&#x201C,At this stage, I quiebro honestly don’t know where to meet someone te actual life.

&#x201C,You get an impression of how someone looks, their personality. It’s like a vetting process.&#x201D,

She says there are pros and cons of using Tinder compared to positivo life meetings. &#x201C,A fellow who just wants to have lovemaking will meet up with you and never call. It’s more emotional.

&#x201C,I’m looking for a conversation or someone who’ll let mij know I’m pretty.&#x201D,

Tonight’s Hack Live program asks whether modern dating is a disaster or a wish come true. It also features Chris, a 23-year-old who’s had 750 Tinder matches but is still single.

He seeks out the help of dating coach Jonathan Sankey to see if he can meet women ter positivo life.

More than three million Australians under 30 are single, with 44 vanaf cent of youthful people having used a dating app or webstek. So has this fresh way of dating switched us forever, or are wij ready for a sway back towards a slower paced way of finding love?

Hack Live: Swipe Right airs live tonight at 9.30pm on ABC2 and live streamed on Alfabet iview and Facebook.

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