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The best dating profiles are a combination of depth and humor. They captivate the reader’s attention and compel them to want to know more. Writing your own profile, however, can be very difficult. Even the best writers hire professionals to write their bios for them.

I have a ordinary, foolproof process for writing profiles that starts with a casual vraaggesprek, te person or on the phone. Then, I write your profile using your own words and phrases, exactly the way you said them. My clients are throated away by how the end result sounds exactly like them! Even better are the compliments they receive: ” Yours wasgoed the most unique profile I have everzwijn read!” “Your dating profile wasgoed hilarious! I couldn’t zekering laughing!” “I loved your profile and just have to meet you!” Here are some excerpts from among the hundreds of profiles I’ve written for my clients:

“What else can you expect if wij were to date? I will indeed listen and hear what you have to say. If wij become friends, you just might have a friend for life. I come ter handy. Spil a native Los Angeleno, I know this city like the back of my palm. My friends often use mij spil their private “Zagat” guide since I seem to know almost everything when it comes to going out and doing things te Schuiflade. Not sure how this happened because I swear I’ve spent the majority of my life ter vooraanzicht of a pc writing. Could it be all those magazines I read? I’m a good cook but I tend to reserve thesis abilities for the all too infrequent but elaborate dinner party. I can also debate Yogurtland vs. Pinkberry with vigor and think that spending hours at Amoeba Records is an essential ingredient for a volmaakt day. And, spil much spil I love my apartment, I’d rather be playing outdoors, holding mitts or dancing te the street, cracking each other up with a look or an inwards joke, and sharing this thing called life.” – Woman early 30’s

“I act like a total dork most of the times. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m 41 and a lawyer. I can’t read a opbergmap. I can’t even read a GPS. I mean I can read them but it ended up taking mij Four hours to drive from Portland, Oregon to Salem, Oregon because I had the GPS on pedestrian mode. I can be ter a slagroom and ter no time I will make a mess. I leave behind things mid senten. ” – Woman 40’s

“I attempt to be a good person. If you have a problem, I will undoubtedly listen and be there for you. I pay attention to what others are telling. I have scruples. I don’t tell everything about myself right off the bat but I am also not bashful on a date. It can be hard to get a read on mij at very first but women seem to find this quality mysterious rather than annoying. I have a dry sense of humor. If wij click, we’ll laugh a lotsbestemming. I am opinionated and blunt without being offensive. Most people can tell that I come from a good place. I am attempting to zekering interrupting others when they’re talking and to listen without thinking about the next thing I’m going to say. Like everyone, I am a work ter progress.” – Masculine early 30’s

“I want to meet a man I can have joy with, someone who has a excellent sense of humor and loves to laugh and play. It would be excellent if you are wise. Open-mindedness and intelligence are also good qualities. I love boys who are willing to attempt fresh things, travel to fresh places, and attempt fresh kinds of cuisine. Other things I admire are guys who are good communicators, family-orientated, and fair. Did I mention that I love romance? But then again, who doesn’t? You don’t have to be a millionaire, but it is significant that you have a career you love and a good relationship with money. I’m providing and I would love to meet someone who is providing, spil well. And even however I will very likely give you hell sometimes, I hope you won’t want to switch mij. If wij argue, grab mij, smooch mij passionately, and I promise you that I will shut up.” – Woman early 30’s

“I used to be a tomboy. Growing up ter Guyana, I only played with boys. I wasgoed suntanned, skinny and undisciplined. Observe out because I’m still a feisty little tiger. And I still like to play with the boys. I guess nothing much has switched. I’m upbeat and I’m very joy to be around. I’ll attempt almost anything. I am an act sports kleuter of girl—I love everything from jet skiing to horseback railing. I also love to explore different cuisines, travel to places close and far away, see movies, attend Broadway shows, or see a show at Carnegie Recibidor.” – Woman mid 30’s

“Walking my cat who has an identity depressie, obsessed about making the volmaakt macaroon, have a bunch of loud-mouthed friends, cooking chili crab (a Singapore national dish), curry from scrape, I have a sewing slagroom, I bruise lightly, especially when I go pole dancing, I have to tell my co-workers that I’m a klutz. I wasn’t getting manhandled I wasgoed just getting manhandled by the pole. I always have crazy businesses for online. I have bot known to grab a bucket of Jongste Moore anguish t and repaint my slagroom for joy. I love international food—my longing can be so bizarre. I am willing to drive 50 miles just to get refrigerio. If I’m sick, my convenience food is porridge and Asian pickles. I want to go to Greece, Santorini, a beach resort where I can vertoning off my lotusbloem tattoo. You’ll have to find out where it is.” – Woman early 20’s

“I am generous and kleuter, and feel that I could suggest the right woman an extreme life. I sincerely want you to know who I am. I have a superb overeenkomst of determination. When people tell mij something can’t be done, that’s when I most want to do it. I came to this country with nothing, no connections, nothing, and became the común manager of a leading start-up te the Silicon Valley. My talent is that I see what other people don’t see and I do things that have never before bot done. I am an out-of-the-box thinker and I hold overheen 3-dozen patents ter my field. My designs are elementary, stijlvol, and uncomplicated. People have said that they are like the Apple of lighting. I’ll let you be the judge!” – Dude te his mid-40’s

“Pole dancing is something that is still fresh for mij. I began because I wasn’t very womanish, to tell you the truth. It has to do with myself spil a woman. Pole dancing connected my emotional feeling and helped mij to stay with the emotion of dancing. When you do it you have to be te it and not dispersed by so many things. It wasgoed kleintje of funny because last week my instructor told mij that I truly let go and went with the music rather than attempting to control myself. I truly let go and stayed ter the uur. It has to do with mij control, judgment, all the shoulds and just accept what is te the ogenblik. For the longest time I couldn’t do it. Very likely the same thing te relationships.” – Woman mid 30’s

“My ideal playmate doesn’t sweat the puny stuff. He’s open and rolls with the punches. He’s emotionally mature and a superb communicator. He doesn’t have to work te a creative job but it would be fine if he has a creative outlet. I undoubtedly want someone who is witty. He doesn’t have to be the most attractive boy but if he’s witty, I’m ter. It’s significant that he’s loyal, secure within himself and reliable—I want a dude I can count on. He can be social and he likes time alone. I don’t truly have a type. For mij, it’s all about personality. I would love to find someone like mij who is nosey about attempting fresh things and likes to learn. He’s the kleuter of stud I can take to a party and know that he can treat himself. But every now and then he’ll look at mij across the slagroom and know exactly what I’m thinking.” – Woman early 50’s

“On the very first date my magical fairy godmother would emerge and dress mij te a beautiful ball gown rival with glass slippers and a rhinestone tiara. My pumpkin carriage arrives and whisks mij away to Starbucks where you are waiting with a hot cup of Zen tea and a blueberry scone. After some sparkling conversation and witty banter, I dash off to the parking garage at the stroke of midnight leaving nothing but my slipper and warm memories behind. Or wij could just go for a hike.” – Woman early 40’s

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