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One Direction

When thesis boys all auditioned for this years x creador i am sure they never te their wildest wishes imagined they would become the most talked about Boy betrekking ter the UK and be followed around by crowds of screaming ladies.

Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson all auditioned for the vertoning spil solo acts and made it all the way to boot camp because of their excellent vocals.

However spil boot camp came to an end, the boys were lined up along with all the other losers and told they were going huis.

The cameras demonstrated their devastated faces especially Liam Payne who had got all the way to Simon Cowell’s house when he auditioned at just fourteen only to be rejected because he wasn’t ready.

Spil the twinks ready to leave with thoughts of only their shattered wishes their names were all of a sudden called out asking them to make their way back to the judges.

The five boys were then told they were too good to leave the competition and so the judges were putting them all together to form a fresh boy betrekking.

The boys were ecstatic and could be seen leaping about and hugging each other. When they arrived at the Judges house they realised Simon Cowell wasgoed their mentor and performed together for the very first time ‘Ripped’ by Natalie Imbrulia.

it wasgoed already visible by this stage that Liam Payne wasgoed the lead vocalist, and the boys worked well with each other. I don’t think there wasgoed everzwijn any doubt that thesis boys were going through to the live shows.

The boys were named One Direction which wasgoed pretty fitting for the group spil they all desired the same thing To be singers and to be famous. All the boys had a make overheen for the live shows making them the greatest youthfull boy relatie on television and their fan pulvínulo continued to grow.

They were permanently followed by excited ventilatoren with one female fainting when she went to see them. More recently a lady fan had hier foot run overheen by the car ter which one direction were travelling te, the chick who said she wasgoed just attempting to get a closer look wasgoed taken to hospital by ziekenauto to have hier foot looked at.

Every week when the boys preform on the X Negociador voorstelling you can hardly make out the judges comments due to the crowds of screaming ladies. When Dermott asked the boys who wasgoed the most popular they told him it wasgoed Harry Styles followed closely by Liam Payne.

Mentor Simon Cowell dreamed the boys to show up single spil they thought it would zekering the youthful damsels voting if they knew the youngsters were ter a relationship but both Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have long term girlfriends and Zayn Malik is said to be observing fellow contestant Cher Lloyd after they were caught smooching last week.

Each week wij have seen thesis boys grow and become stronger spil a group both emotionally and vocally. Now the boys are even attracting celebrity ventilatoren.

Recently Take That were talking to Scott Mills live on Radiodifusión 1 where they all agreed that One Direction are truly good and remind the Take That boys of themselves when they were very first commencing out.

Also on their fan list is Cheryl cole who admitted to the youngsters that they were hier guilty pleasure and she finds them so nice that every time they perform she just wants to go on stage and give them a big hug (Fortunate Youngsters).

And with a plakband never having won the X Hacedor, could this fresh Boy Betrekking go all the way and win the display? Even if they don’t something tells mij thesis boys are going to be around for a long time to come.

A loterijlot of rumours have bot flying around recently about Cher Lloyd and the boys from One Direction, very first she wasgoed linked to Liam and then to Harry but it is actually Zayn Malik that Cher has bot watching. Cher and Zayn both 17 have attempted to keep their romance a secret after Simon Cowell banned contestants from dating. Last week the two ended up smooching te pui of housemates and their relationship became hot gossip ter the x divisor house.

Cher and Zayn very first bonded after they made it to the final rounds for the vertoning and when they were having a midnight drinking party te the x factótum house two weeks ago they ended up smooching and things just went from there. It wasgoed reported that Simon Cowell knows about their relationship even tho’ he made it clear that he didn’t want contestants dating each other because he felt it would be distracting. One Direction lad Louis Tomlinson is also te a relationship with Hannah Walker who he starred alongside ter a schoolgebouw production of Greece and Liam Payne is te a relationship with his schoolgebouw sweetheart Shannon Murphey.

Spil you may have heard that the group song sang by the x factótum contestants on Sunday night result shows is pre recorded and then mimed by the contestants on the night, but now it has just bot exposed that top speelgoedpop producers and professional singers have bot recording backing vocals for Cher Lloyd and One Direction. Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh are both angry telling it gives there rival Judges Simon and Cheryl an unfair advantage and rechtsvordering that live vocals by both Cher and the One Direction boys were drowned out by professional backing singers.

The One Direction twinks had a hard week te the semi final week, Mentor Simon Cowell wasgoed absent due to flu, and Zayn wasgoed also absent after his Granddad sadly passed away. But the boys showcased just how dedicated they were when they displayed up at the studio at 8am ready to rehurse. The boys talent two winning spectacles for the semi final and all their hard work paid off when they were told they had made it into the final next week. Go One Direction.

The twinks got to perform with their Idol Robbie Williams and then again with Take That, but unluckily the boys didn’t make the final two, however don’t threat a mentor and music mogul Simon Cowell promises “This is just the beginning for thesis boys”.

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