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Founded ter 2000, Selective Search is North America’s leading luxury matchmaking stiff, where executive recruiting meets individual matchmaking®. Our staff of seasoned professionals, uses Fortune 500 executive recruitment technologies to help commitment-minded boys and women ter metropolitan areas and more remote locales find the love of their lives. Through our proven Meet Your Future® process, wij filterzakje potential candidates, handpicking candidates from the largest proprietary network of beautiful, quality Affiliates who best meet your precies criteria. And most importantly, it works. Eighty-seven procent of our Clients find love.

Barbie Adler left a successful career spil an executive recruiter to launch Selective Search, combining hier practice recruiting top talent with hier passion for helping extreme people find love.

Barbie is a national pro on dating and relationships. Ter addition to consulting on national dating-related television programs, Barbie has appeared te Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and CNN. She is also an Ernst & Youthfull Entrepreneur of the Year Award nominee and a Houtvezelplaat Member of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), a general peer-to-peer organization.

Let’s Just Say Wij’re Picky About Who Wij Hire

Talented. Discerning. Slim. Empathetic. Sultry. Wij are very dedicated to finding you the love of your life. Our culture is part of what makes our corporate DNA different from other boutique matchmaking firms. Wij don’t just talk about being collaborative, wij live it. From our executive houtvezelplaat, via our entire organization, wij work closely together to ensure success for our Clients and Affiliates. Wij have invaluable skill and practice that makes Selective Search® the industry leader.

Wij also share the love with worthy causes. Each month, our team chooses a específico and national charity for the Company to support through donations and, most of all, through our time. Wij find it’s a meaningful way to give back, foster team spirit, and inspire each other about causes wij hold close to our hearts. We’re proud to have sponsored numerous events and charities across our history.

Mújol Hutcherson

Prior to joining Selective Search®, Mújol worked te the Not For Profit sector of the Healthcare industry. Lisa’s talent and passion ter connecting with people, is what brought hier to Selective Search.

” The chance to assist our Clients te finding the love of their lives is a bounty. After all, the greatest happiness wij’ll everzwijn know is helping others find true love.

Barbie Adler

Barbie embarked hier career te the Public Relations and Executive Recruiting industries. Ter 2000 Barbie founded Selective Search with the desire to provide North America with its very first fully offline, confidential, and customized executive matchmaking rock hard. Hier aim wasgoed to help busy, successful, single, studs and women find a committed loving relationship. Thesis guys and women didn’t have a problem finding a date, but also didn’t have the time, resources or wherewithal to find the “One.” Barbie desired to serve thesis individuals ter the same process driven manner, which she had successfully implemented ter the Executive Recruiting industry.

” My greatest pleasure is connecting two extreme people, who never would have met. That’s what fuels mij and Selective Search® every day.

Nicole Wall

Senior Vice Voorzitter

For more than a decade, Nicole Wall has bot recognized spil a leading pro ter the Matchmaking industry. Hier portfolio of Client and Affiliate successes has led hier to become a Vice Voorzitter of Client Services for Selective Search. Nicole is widely respected for hier commitment and dedication to exemplary Client service, where she has an inborn capability to assess relationship patterns that lead Clients to their ultimate goals.

” My contribution to our Clients’ successes are attributed to three core themes: Practice, Effective Communication, and Superior Customer Service.

Robin French

Senior Vice Voorzitter

Robin French has bot a Vice Voorzitter and professional matchmaker with Selective Search® since early 2004. Prior to joining Selective Search, she worked ter Management/Recruiting positions ter the Not For Profit, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical industries. Robin’s talent ter connecting with people has brought together thousands of couples – helping them find the zuigeling of love they’ve bot searching for, but couldn’t find on their own.

” The capability to assist te helping our Clients and Affiliates achieve tremendous success ter their individual life resumes to feed the caretaker ter mij. It is truly what I wasgoed meant to do.

Kathy Smith

Vice Voorzitter of Operations

Kathy’s career began ter the world of accounting and finance spil an Audit Manager te the Banking industry and Controller for an Executive Recruiting stiff. Recognizing hier passion for working with people, while utilizing hier extensive accounting, operations, and executive recruiting practice, Kathy joined Selective Search ter 2007. She is presently responsible for office operations, human resources, information technology, and finance.

” I have superb respect for every opzicht of our business. My role is to keep all of them moving forward and working together.

Mitchell C. Berk

Chief Executive Officer

Since 1978 Mitch has bot involved ter launching and developing businesses. Viewed spil a serial entrepreneur, Mitch has vast practice ter the Fragrance and Cosmetic industry, the Entertainment, Branding & Marketing industries, and te the Matchmaking space. Committing to innovation and the pursuit of excellence, Mitch approaches each fresh venture spil a ‘business architect’ putting together the lumps to form a strong, bearing specimen.

” Every day provides us an chance to make someone blessed. We’re blessed to have our health, and to work te an industry where making people glad is our primary objective.

Megan Daniels

Director of Marketing & Business Development

For the better half of a decade Megan has bot a part of the Selective Search team. She has had practice te almost every facet of the Company ranging from Affiliate Relations, Matchmaking, and Sales. Presently she oversees the Company’s Marketing, which includes advertising campaigns and media plans, spil well spil business development strategies and growth opportunities. She is insider at finding efficiencies, and can quickly execute drawing slagroom ideas into reality.

” The chance to leverage business and strategy to solve matters of the heart is a challenge I look forward to everyday.”


From cultural events and arrequives, to the best clubs, restaurants, and vacation catches sight of, Selective Search Scouts know exactly where to go to find the kleintje of beautiful, clever, quality singles our Clients are looking for. If you’d like to get paid helping us recruit other women who are just spil extreme spil you are, voeling us today. Who knows, you may just help someone find the love of their life.

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