Do Dudes Need Women

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sorry for being so bossy, it’s just nice to have a day off work and share what is te my mind.

Your title should say Does Man Need the Right Woman. Merienda a man finds hier he would be lost without hier.

Ter normal people need people – but do studs need women more then a women need boys. that would depend entirely on each one individually.

I think boys depend on women and many ways most them won’t admit, dudes and women both need eachother. But women are the strongest species of the two, wij seldom back down from ANYTHING! And wij have more pressure on us to maintain a certain photo, so wij create a managed environment for most studs who are a lotsbestemming less aware of what they are portraying.

I think dudes do need women more because they indeed don’t know how to treat a household and children like wij do. My hubby tells mij all the time he couldn’t do it without mij. I believe him too. Just being te the hospital for a duo of days showcased how little he can treat things. It wasgoed a nightmare and my entire house wasgoed trashed when I came huis. He just couldn’t treat it.

Sure boys need woman but I think fellows have become this way more so because thier wives have spoilt them, maybe even their mothers,I am a man and bot married for overheen 32 years and do most things ter the house, I have my own biulding business which takes up every working day, my wifey works hard spil well, but from a youthful age my mother instructed us boys this: don’t wait for people to do things for you. If you want it done do it yourself. So my argument is this, if your hubby cannot do household things, and children then you most problibly spoilt him. (Sven Grahn, Lifestyle coach)

I think fellows do need women more than vice versa. Most divorces are initiated by women, not guys. I wasgoed raised to believe that I had to hurry up and ‘get a man’ spil if they were hard to find or something, but my practice has bot that that is not true. If you look at the online dating sites, it’s mostly boys at them.

I love what you just said about your stud, it’s sweet. And i have to say, I have run into some boys that have waterput their noses to the grindstone and are doing very well. Most are guys that have had to do it alone and they are treating it very well.

it is true that its boys who are found on most dating sites its bcoz those dudes are timid and cannot face a woman.OK.otherwise who doesnt know that ter the world today there are more women than boys(mogaka morris:254773421006

Only the ones that know how to throw my stick decently!

are you a masculine rear end

waterput saltpeter ter his coffee!

likewise. it’s just i am wondering do studs need, not want us more than wij need them.

wanting and needing are soooooo different aren’t they

Both are significant to improve population

impotent or significant sorry not being clever

I think guys come to rely on and thus need ‘their’ woman more, but women need ‘a’ man (often any man) more.

right mrvoodoo so boys need women more

women want more is that it

they need each other identically, just for different things, and voorstelling it te different ways.

nice comment, my hubby would agree with that one

I agree with both rdnckwmn and mrvoodoo. I wasgoed married for 24 years (a long marriage and very brief one) and I loved family life. I never dreamed I would be divorced. Now I want a significant other ter my life, but I don’t know that I need that. I’m okay spil I am.

Ain’t gotta have no dames

Broads is nothin’ but trouble!

And what he said ^ lol.

Where did that horrible word broad come from ? just nosey

Ive wondered that before too. It is never said ter an endearing way. What about..chick? or ..nevermind.

Most likely not — if you are gay.

When a man marries and commits himself to a wifey and children, however, most of his social liabilities vanish. He has a reason to live responsibly, work hard, and save for the future. Instead of pandering to his own voluptuous desires, he postpones gratification and sacrifices for those who depend on him. He becomes more future oriented. This &quot,liberate cannon&quot, often becomes the &quot,pole of the community.

oh my schepper. i cannot believe you waterput that picture up.

my mum went into hospital last year for an operation for cancer and did not sustain it. Two weeks earlier she went on holiday with my dad to Barcelona, and i have a beautiful photo of them arm ter arm from the back. would you like to see it i might be able to scan it on. that photo has made mij so emotional, you would not believe it.

i am going to scan it on now. i do not know how to waterput it on here, i know how to waterput it on a hub but when i am ready maybe someone will talk mij through how to do it o’k’

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Mostly it’s women OVERESTIMATING how much they think fellows need them. unluckily, they don’t indeed..not so much.

I need a woman right now before my old lady gets back.

You anywhere near North Carolina?

you know what maybe you are right.

Wasgoed it Éxito Steinem who said, &quot,A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle&quot,?

Ehm, I suppose it’s equal ter terms of sexual attraction and love but ter terms of maternity wij need woman alot.

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Very first off, how do you quantify need? Secondly relationships have many facets to them. Ter any partnership the many roles involved ter sharing a life are distributed inbetween the parties te various ways. For example, my wifey does the cooking and I clean. Now, I am more than capable of cooking and on occasion I will do so and my wifey will clean, so ter this facet neither of us needs the other.

Now my wifey isn’t much of a mechanic so when something is wrong with hier car she relies on mij to take care of it, but does that mean she needs mij more? I think not, because if I wasn’t there she’d just take it to a mechanic.

Then there is the emotional side of the relationship. Certainly I cherish hier support and love and I’m sure she feels the same way, but which of us needs this more? I don’t know how you can reaction this. I know that I wouldn’t want to live without hier, and if for some reason she wasgoed no longer a part of my life, I have no doubt that I could proceed on, tho’ I doubt at this point ter my life I would bother to seek love again, and she has voiced the same to mij. I also believe that even however neither of us might not seek love, eventually love would find us. I think there is an inherent &quot,need&quot, to love and to be loved. I think this exists te both sexes. I believe it’s a part of our DNA, that our very survival spil a species depends on this trait.

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