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What’s the best way to treatment a woman? What should you say? What shouldn’t you say? Do women still want you to pay on the very first date? Do they still like it when you make the very first stir? With so many of the dynamics of how wij date switching every day, sometimes it helps to get a woman’s perspective on what she thinks. That’s why wij went straight to the source and asked overheen Three,000 women on the online dating webpagina and app Zoosk to share their best dating tips for fellows from women.

From advice on how to send a very first message online, to what they find the most and least attractive, thesis ladies let us know what they’re indeed looking for and what they wish dudes would do more often. Check out what they had to say:

Peak #1: Be who you are, not who you think she wants you to be.

“Be yourself and never lie or spread the truth about anything. It’s not necessary and will zekering someone from getting to know you or getting close to the true you. Wij all have imperfections and deeds we’re not proud of but it makes us who wij are.”

“Don’t say something to make mij glad that you don’t actually mean. Know what you want and mean what you say.”

“My lump of advice for dudes would be to be yourself, but always waterput your best foot forward. You want to be your most authentic self, but keep ter mind very first impressions are everything.”

“Just be yourself, don’t attempt to be someone you’re not. If you’re jumpy, wij very likely are too.”

“Be open and fair about who are and what you want. It’s natural to want to be friendly and accepted, but it’s more significant to be who you are and not mold yourself into the person that you think your love rente wants.”

“Be fair. Be yourself. Some people like nerdy while others like sporty. Oh, and walk away if someone says they aren’t interested. There are slew of women who will like what you have to suggest, just not the one that rejected you. So let it go and budge on to someone who’s better for you.”

Peak #Two: Talk about your hobbies and interests. Women want to hear it.

Women’s Beloved Things to Talk About te a Very first Conversation:

20% – How my day or week is going

12% – Flirtatious banter

6% – Job/career or schoolgebouw

5% – Where/how wij grew up

2% – Current events

1% – Past relationships

Peak #Three: Don’t stir too swift.

“If you want a relationship to last, don’t rush into things. Realize that some women need some time to themselves away from a relationship, especially if they are used to being on their own.”

“Try to get to know hier very first and see if you get along te normal and have common interests.”

“Keep it light at very first, but be fair about your feelings.”

“Recognize that when you ask a woman out the only thing you’ve established is that you are interested te hier. If you want hier to say yes, you need to make it your purpose to get hier just spil interested ter you. So be kleuter, be understanding, and above all be yourself.”

“Don’t suffocate a woman, but let hier know you’re there for hier.”

“Slow your roll! You may be looking for a relationship but if your expectations are too high or if you come on too strong, it will scare a woman away. Just take it slow, be yourself, and see where it goes. Slow and stable wins the wedren.”

Peak #Four: Women are looking for a trustworthy man but also value attraction.

Traits Women Look for Te a Serious Relationship:

37% – Honesty and trust

22% – Physical attraction

19% – A sense of humor

9% – Values faith

8% – Values family

3% – Is social and outgoing

2% – Is ambitious and career-focused

1% – Is active and sporty

Peak #Five: Wondering what to say while online dating? Tell hier what you like about hier profile.

What Women Like to See Te a Very first Message

29% – Tell mij what he likes about my profile.

15% – Ask a question about my profile or photos.

9% – Tell mij something about himself.

9% – Ask about the hobbies or interests ter my profile.

8% – Ask about my day.

4% – Anything, I don’t care what he says.

3% – Use a flirty pickup line.

Peak #6: Manners and cleanliness matters.

A few specific things that turned women off:

“A man with a lack of manners, lack of etiquette, or horrible eating habits.”

“When a man talks too noisy, or has bad table manners.”

“When they are rude to the staff at a restaurant.”

A few specific things that turned women on:

“A man who pulls out chairs and opens doors.”

“When a man looks and smells clean and neat.”

“When a man is silent and focused on our discussion.”

Peak #7: Wait to bring up lovemaking.

“Concentrate on getting to know the woman you’re with. Make that the priority, rather than concentrating on the physical side of a relationship.”

“It turns mij off when a man brings up hookup te the very first online or phone conversation. It’s fine for some people but not for mij.”

“Overly sexual flirty talk when I just meet a man, makes mij awkward and the wall goes right up.”

Getting physical is an significant part of a romantic relationship. For some people, hook-up and closeness don’t necessarily come mitt te mitt, so it may feel natural to have hookup and discuss hookup sooner. For others, closeness and trust are a vereiste before anything can get physical. Respect that the woman you’re with may think of hook-up differently than you do and adjust your behavior.

Peak #8: Be fair about what you’re looking for and when it’s not working out.

“Don’t string anyone along if you’re not serious. State your intentions and see if you’re looking for the same thing she is.”

“Many boys lie to avoid hurting a girl’s feelings. But what they don’t get is that the truth may not be what a woman wants to hear, but the the truth only hurts merienda. When boys lie, it hurts every time wij think about the fact that they chose to lie rather than respect us and just tell the truth.”

Like all advice, it’s good to take all of this terugkoppeling with a grain of salt. After all, it’s good to get a woman’s perspective but it’s also good to reminisce that the advice is coming from one point of view. Tho’ the advice women give is often thoughtful and fair, don’t leave behind to talk to your friends too. See what your family thinks. Or go to the experts. Because when it comes to dating and relationships, there isn’t one solid reaction, one way to meet people, or even one treatment finding the one for you. Listen to what others say, be open-minded, and consider different perspectives. Then attempt things out for yourself and find what works for you.

Editor-in-Chief of The Date Mix

Megan Murray is the Editor-in-Chief of The Date Mix and works at the online dating webpagina and app Zoosk, that has overheen 40 million members worldwide. She splits hier time inbetween writing for The Date Mix and working on the Zoosk product, which gives hier behind-the-scenes skill about the world of online dating.

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