After I got up he said ,he wasgoed tired didn’t feel good, and then he raised his voice to mij screamed you have too many animals.He determined to go huis early while he wasgoed te bathroom I wrote him note telling him he knew I had dogs why stay, I love them an not getting rid of them told him read after he gets huis,He called said ,read before huis an then yelled an said, I hate dogs one kept whelping so noisy I killed it he said,I didn’t react on ph conversation then he said ,Im done nothing to do with dogs its your jealousy,I wasgoed like of what,he said he wasgoed hopeing to win lottery an I said gee hope you don’t say bye if u win, just taunting him, an I told him this,Then I said what other jealousy he said Two weeks ago you said I could stay huis,I did because he called said not feeling well.Not making since at all to mij hes 68 Im 67,I wasgoed quiet on ph he always uses house ph, cell ter car, so I called cell, he buys minutes I talked till I used all minutes an I screamed at him spil he did mij day before truly got into his crap.I felt like he wasgoed jeckle an hyde overheen night he said my dogs wasgoed barking at 4am an woke him te ph conversatio hes deaf an didn’t have aids ter never wears,my dogs don’t bark at night so I knew he wasgoed lounging plus it wasgoed 6 not Four when he said he got up.Im still confused why he would act like this but I had no problem hating him instantly after his lies why would someone be so hateful.He told mij he loved mij an I wasgoed beautiful I know Im not hard to look at an hes not splendid guess he felt like he had a trophy an not bragging he always said feels good to have you on my arm when wij go te places,anyone figure this creep out Im still dumb founded,yet I believe dogs he wasgoed jealous of any attention I talent them an noticed this early te relationship so didn’t love on my animals te pui of him.Afraid to date anyone now.Bot married before husb died Two yrs just confused/yet blessed hes gone.

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