You can also download WhatsApp Plus on your Tablet, which is not possible with the flamante version of WhatsApp.

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Do you need an app to communicate securely and quickly with your friends and family? If this is your case, WhatsApp Plus is the ideal app for you. This interesting app is a variation of the WhatsApp that wij all know but with many other improvements and unique features. If you want to have this app on your Smartphone, ter this postbode wij voorstelling you how to download WhatsApp Plus for Android and iPhone. Keep reading.

The improvements ter WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is an improved version of the instant messaging app wij all know. This is why it has many features and options that wij can’t find te the classic version of WhatsApp. To begin you have to know that WhatsApp Plus is much more customizable than WhatsApp. You can find many options to make the instant messaging practice better. For example:

You will be able to select which contacts you do not want to display that you are online. This means that you can be online but only the people you want can know. This will make it lighter to talk only with the people you want. You can also hide the time of last connection, albeit this option is also present ter the innovador version of WhatsApp.

One of the most significant features you will have when you download WhatsApp Plus is that it is very customizable. You can add different screen backgrounds inbetween conversations, colors, fonts and much more. Ter this way you can make the app more comfy for you, with all your tastes and preferences.

Also you can deactivate or activate the received notifications (or blue check), have more control overheen group talks and more. There are many things you can do if you have WhatsApp Plus on your Smartphone.

How to download WhatsApp Plus

To start, it is significant to know that WhatsApp Plus is not an official app, so you can’t get it ter the Play Store or Apple Store. However, this does not mean that it is an insecure APK. The rights of this app were purchased by Facebook, so it is a registered and secure APK.

To download WhatsApp Plus on your Android or iPhone Smartphone you vereiste click on the “download” option that you will find at the beginning of this postbode. The easiest way is to download the APK directly to your Smartphone. So if you are reading this postbode from your Smartphone, just press the “download” button at the beginning of the postbode and you can have this fabulous contraption on your device.

You can also download WhatsApp Plus on your Tablet, which is not possible with the flamante version of WhatsApp. Go after the same proces and you will have this App on your Tablet.

Another way will be to download the APK from your rekentuig. Just press the option to download, and when you have the verkeersopstopping you just have to pass it to your Smartphone with a USB cable. Download this amazing app now and commence loving all the fresh features.

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