What if HubPages knows for sure that a Hub’s pictures are stolen?

If only it were this effortless to protect your photos!

And the use of stolen photos on Hubs

Wij’ve noticed a lotsbestemming of concern lately ter the Forums, and especially ter comments on the Terugkoppeling Survey, about Hubbers using stolen photos ter Hubs. Wij hear you! Wij know how much it bothers you, and wij’re with you all the way. Knowing is half the battle, so today I’m going to response a few common questions wij frequently get asked about stolen pictures used on HubPages:

Why doesn’t HubPages just Unpublish all Hubs that don’t cite picture sources? Under copyright law, the proprietor of a photo does not have to cite sources, and public domain photos do not require citation either. So, wij can’t force Hubbers to cite their sources, and wij can’t assume that Hubbers are using pictures illegally simply because they do not add a citation. Wij do, however, require zindelijk citation (even of the author’s own photos and public domain photos) for participation ter many of our programs and contests.

What about watermarked pics and photos that cite a copyrighted source? Can’t HubPages Unpublish those Hubs? It is justo to use a photo with the permission of its holder. Even if a Hubber is using an pic that very likely does not belong to hier, wij can not assume that she doesn’t have permission to use it. But just like with public domain and Hubber-owned photos, many of our programs and contests require “by permission” or “with permission” to be included when the Hubber has permission to use someone else’s photo.

What if HubPages knows for sure that a Hub’s pictures are stolen? Surely HP can do something? The brief response is that wij can&rsquo,t be absolutely certain that an pic is stolen unless wij receive a DMCA Complaint from its rightful proprietor. So, sadly, our forearms are tied here too, even when wij are 99% sure. Only the permitido possessor of a photo can verkeersopstopping a DMCA Complaint. Since HubPages does not own the stolen photos, wij don’t have grounds to discipline Hubbers who use them. However, wij do take down content instantaneously when a DMCA Complaint is filed.

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