So they may write it down on their “ to do list ” or place it into their thoughts of something they hope to get to te the near future.

Private Will vs. Legacy Letterteken

What is the Purpose of a Private Legacy Letterteken?

A legacy letterteken is a private letterteken from you to loved ones. Think of it spil a sort of “love letter” that concentrates on things significant to you that you would like to say to special people ter your life.

Writing a legacy letterteken is a very individual, private practice. Anyone, from all walks of life, can take this chance to share significant things with the people closest to them.

There is no right or wrong way to compose a legacy letterteken. It may or may not encompass a multiplicity of topics depending on your wishes. It can be typed or handwritten, it’s up to you. You can keep it very plain or make it detailed, include other documents, photos, etc. Each private legacy letterteken is just spil unique spil the individual scribing it.

Who Are the Intended Recipients of a Private Legacy Letterteken?

Individual legacy letters should be thought of spil a precious bounty to be cherished by the recipient or recipients.

Who are the most significant people te your life? This could be your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, your parents, your siblings, your friends, anyone who is special to you and even possible future generations who have not yet bot conceived.

It is significant that those receiving your individual legacy letterteken feel fortunate and honored. It is identically significant that you feel pleased spil you give of yourself through written words. This is a way of “passing the torch” if you will, sharing your thoughts, feelings, history, wisdom and so much more.

Spil you think about and go through this process, answers will come to you such spil who this letterteken is intended for, if it should be read now, or should it be something you’d like to leave for loved ones to read when the time comes and you have passed on.

At the end of this article, you will find sample “beginnings” of private legacy letters that I’ve created to help you commence writing your own.

Did You Know?

Legacy letters date back to biblical times when they were more likely known spil “ethical wills,” designed to pass on ethical values from one generation to the next.

When Should I Write My Private Legacy Letterteken?

For many people, this is one of those types of things they would like to accomplish. So they may write it down on their “to do list” or place it into their thoughts of something they hope to get to te the near future. But years go by and before wij know it, our individual legacy letterteken has not yet bot embarked.

A legacy letterteken can be written anytime! It does not matter if you are Nineteen years old, 42 years old or 85 years old. This is your journey. You are the composer. But keep te mind that life can switch ter an instant so you may not want to waterput this off until your straks years.

Some people may wish to write a legacy letterteken during a significant time te their life such spil a birth of a child or a wedding or a death of a loved one. Others may feel the desire to write a legacy letterteken because they are faced with a life altering illness or surgery and are not sure of their future.

Ter reality, none of us are assured a future. If this is something that you would indeed like to accomplish, don’t procrastinate. Set time aside to start this unique project, for yourself and those you care about.

Depending on your private desires, you can write spil many legacy letters spil you wish. You should also think of this spil a continuous “work ter progress” and add fresh content anytime across your life.

Other Things You Could Include With Your Private Legacy Letterteken

  • Photos with Footnotes
  • Scrapbook
  • Videotape
  • Audiotape

What Should I Include ter My Private Legacy Letterteken?

Just like there is no right or wrong way strafgevangenis a specific age you should compose a legacy letterteken(s), there is nothing set ter stone about what vereiste be included te the letterteken either.

There are many meaningful topics that can be part of your letterteken. Here are some ideas to think about:

  • Morals and values you have lived by
  • What you are most proud of
  • Future hopes and wishes for your loved ones
  • Your belief system
  • Hard lessons you have learned and hope your loved ones do not repeat
  • Things people may not know about you
  • Things you are grateful for
  • How you define success
  • Ongoing family traditions
  • Fond memories
  • Secret recipes
  • Clarify your wishes regarding assets
  • Let your loved ones know what you wish to be remembered for
  • Add your dearest quotes or “sayings” that are significant to you
  • What are your major achievements
  • What are your regrets
  • Discuss your faith
  • Share your wisdom
  • Family ancestry that may be valuable to future generations
  • Explain something to loved ones te detail that you toevluchthaven’t felt wasgoed understood
  • Share your gratitude and reasons why you feel you’ve bot blessed
  • Ask for forgiveness or forgive someone else of their wrongdoing
  • Expose something that has bot kept a secret
  • What do your loved ones mean to you

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When Should I Share My Private Legacy Letterteken?

A private legacy letterteken can be collective with loved ones while you are alive. It could be read at a family gathering or privately by the recipients. You may wish to set a special time aside to discuss your letterteken with your recipients.

You could also choose to place your private legacy letterteken somewhere for safe keeping to be read after your death. Maybe include it ter a opstopping with your private Will. Let those close to you know about the letterteken and where they can find it when the time is adequate.

Individual Legacy Letterteken Samples

Since writing a legacy letterteken is such a individual journey, it’s difficult to say what someone else should write. But I’ve come up with some sample thoughts to help you start your letterteken.

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