How to Get a Job ter a Zoo

Very first impressions

The idea of working te a zoo has become a very popular one te latest years.

Media has played a big part te this. Television viewers have bot introduced with a seemingly endless run of assorted Zoo programmes both on tópico and national TV. Thesis ter turn are supplemented by excellent wildlife documentaries and animal cartoon cinema extravaganzas. Sadly there is much stuff and nonsense mixed te like White Tiger breeding.

Feed the Firefoxes

It Looks Good

Zoos spil portrayed on filmrolletje look good.

Camera angle, weather and subject are naturally chosen to give a good impression and usually they succeed. The unsavoury part of the work is skipped overheen or given movie inches instead of feet.

You promedio zoo TV watcher then believes that all te the garden is rosy. It isn’t. Usually thesis programmes do not even address why wij have zoos te the very first place.

Keeper at Work

Zoos are not so very different

Zoos are not so very different to any other place of work. It is about people, visitors and your fellow staff. It is about money, money to pay the bills at the end of the week. It is about working conditions, restrooms and facilities, and whether your bosses care about you. It is about promotion, the chance to learn and progess.

All zoos are different. They have a different way of going about things however all good zoos today have active enrichment programmes and are involved te cooperative breeding programmes.

Elephant and Keeper

Zoo Keeping is NOT work

Zoo Keeping is not work. Work is just a word. Zoo Keeping is a vocation, a way of life to which only the most committed and dedicated should apply.

The work can be hot, cold, humid, smelly, dirty, painful, tiring, requiring, attempting, frustrating and upsetting. It is not effortless.

Zoo Keeping is not about playing with animals or presenting shows te a crisp clean safari suit. It is not about rearing kind animals or going on expeditions up the Amazon.

Thesis toebijten but they are uncommon. They are the nuggets which keep the zoos te staff.

Zoo Keeping is the best job te the world. Ask any keeper on a good day. They will even grudgingly admit it on a bad day. I have worked ter zoos for 47 years and know it to be true.

Walking te step

What Zoos Want

Each zoo will have its own criteria for choosing staff but what they are all looking for is someone with practice. Experienced staff have a take hold of of what the work is about. Zoo Keeper wages are determined by practice and educational achievement.

By practice they mean someone who has worked te a zoo before either employed or spil a volunteer or perhaps with work practice from schoolgebouw. Such people have a better understanding of what work Truly entails and not some glossy TV idea.

Zoos are looking for other abilities. Staff should be literate, be able to drive, operate machinery, talk to visitors, use a pc. The list is endless. At vraaggesprek you would have to demonstrate an understanding of subjects like territories.

Today keepers joining the zoo at grass roots level often have university or collegium degrees. The discipline of learning is significant.

You can learn much more by visiting:


What Zoos do NOT want

Zoos do not want loners they want team players who can be trusted to work alone. They don’t want people with an urealistic perception of animals. They don’t want people who are sick all the time or want special treatment and consideration.

When you work te a zoo you become part of a family. A phat international fraternity of keepers.

If You Have Come This Far

If you have read this far then you are obviously gravely considering zoo keeping spil a possible career.

Take a look at the Zoo Hubs. There is a mass of information there about Zoos, working te Zoos and more.

For current news items about zoos visit Zoo News Digest. From there you even subscribe to the mail out version and get even more information.

CHECK OUT ZOO JOBS for a current list of zoo work adverts.


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Five years ago from South East Asia

Undoubtedly on the right track. I hired someone merienda purely on hier child psychology degree and hier enthusiasm. I could see hier keeness and I thought this would help with education programmes. I wasgoed not wrong.

I’m about to receive my bachelors ter psychology and am going on to take courses to receive a certificate ter Zoo and Aquarium Science. Would I be considered for a position at a zoo or an aquarium based on my education? I’ve seen that a biology degree is a popular area of investigate for a career te a zoo or aquarium. I’m also looking into volunteering with Two wildlife park/rehab facilities around the area. Am I on the right track? My main concern is whether or not my psychology degree will be an accepted degree. Any advice? Thanks!

Five years ago from South East Asia

All I can say Sylphin is to keep attempting. Get any foot on the trap and this may mean leaving behind about animals for a while. volunteer for any postbode within a zoo be it car park attendant, gardener or washer upper. Do whatever it is to your very best. Merienda you have proved yourself, made friends you will hear of opportunities that arise. I know one doll who lived te a tent outside of the collection she wished to volunteer at. She had very little money and they had no accommodation to suggest. She worked all the hours that Maker sent and amazed the staff. she got a job. and moved on to thicker and better things twice within the year. It is never effortless. I have always said that zoo work is largely about being the right person ter the right place at the right time. Only you can make that toebijten.

I graduated a year ago with an MSc te an animal field, I realised that I needed to get some practice because, due to my work schedule, I’ve bot incapable to reasonably build up much during the past Five years. I’ve applied for volunteer positions at different zoos but I’ve bot turned down at every zoo I’ve attempted.

I noted there’s a lotsbestemming of queries pertaining to &quot,how do I get the practice?&quot, but what if you’re someone like mij that has all the education but it’s apparent that’s simply not good enough to warrant them even suggesting you an chance to volunteer?

Five years ago from South East Asia

elephantchick – There are colleges that train zookeeping. Thesis are your best bet. If you have practical animal skill and practice that is a premie. Hard work and being the right person te the right place at the right time is the efectivo clincher.

i love animals and grew up on a farm, i know about the long and hard work that’s needed but what collegium skill do i need?

6 years ago from South East Asia

It isn’t effortless Kristen. and volunteering at an animal centre would give you an advantage. Check out the other linksaf te the article spil the advice is there. Leave behind about specialisation until you get the job spil you need to get a toe ter the onderbrak and onto any rung of the trapje to begin. People make good sacrifices to make that embark. I know a female who lived ter a tent for months outside of the collection she wished to work at and volunteered. She worked 12 hour days 7 days a week. She proved herself. Within two weeks of being suggested a job she wasgoed suggested two others ter two other collections. There are dozens who have done similar.

Okay so aside from the already mentioned &quot,you need practice to work te a zoo but how are you suppose to get this practice until you do work Te a zoo&quot, kwestie, how would I actually get practice ter working ter a zoo. I want to work te the reptile/amphibian section, and I could volunteer at an animal shelter but that wouldn’t help mij out truly would it? I have eleven pet frogs, and a gecko, and have had a skink and turtles ter the past. I think this will give mij an advantage but I don’t think it will get mij spil far spil I need. Advice?

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