Do you have a desire list?

1. Phone family and friends more often, leave behind about any very negative person from the pass, commence dating women again with the fresh and improved mij. Research and probe more about early American man and mankind origin from out of Africa

1.Spend time ter my huis ter Belize from Two to Four months ter the winter build one more adobe huis

Is it wise to share your dream-ideas ter public?

He’s not wishing on a starlet, or sucking out bday candles. I guess he plans to work to make his desires come true.

Oh, I got that now. Spread the message and make money by stimulating the bums!

Too many people suffer from an lllness called Metaltightass

Anyone online knows your name and address? Don’t tell people when you are leaving the house.

I used to employ ‘visualization’ mechanism, it’s very powerful method to make your fantasies come true. I have not used that for the last few years, a lotsbestemming of negativity went overheen mij. You reminded mij of that power.

Time to update your wishes, you already know that.

Yes. Thank you friend.

I think it’s wonderful that you collective your wish list. This way you have your goals set out right ter gevelbreedte of you and you have those you collective it with for support.

You notice wij can share and help each other

I aspire to reach my true self and to share it with others. I want the world to see mij spil I truly am and to know what they truly are. That’s my wish list, to lead my self to the ultimate level of consciousness and if I can bring a few with mij, I will have done a superb thing.

Will you give us more grounded details on how you are going to conceive and achieve this mischeviousme oneness.

I have already achieved my oneness, the next step is putting it into words.

Love to see your word project.

It’s about getting the brain to be quiet long enough to see with the true mind. Because our true mind is experiencing what the brain wants it to, wij miss all sorts of truths, wij are conditioned by our brains and our brains create attachments. Most people fear death because they are linked to living, but te life, wij serve the purpose of our brain and not our own. This but a puny part of my transcripted mind, it will differ from person to person. The only thing that realy only makes us individuals are finger prints. Just spil water is comprised of separate molecules, it is still one unit spil a entire.

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