So pretty, he could lightly pass for a chick, Bill and Tokio Hotel have recently risen to fame thanks to youtube and the internet.

Some of you may have come across the sexy nerd and emo/toneel women and wondered, that’s fine, but what about the boys? And unnecessary to say, boys are not alone te the fetishizing of the opposite gender. Damsels are just spil guilty.

But spil ter all things, boys and women are very different. Where boys concentrate on specifics: glasses, hairstyles, assets parts, women look for a more overall package.

The primary sexual fascination of the internet lady is with adorable, pretty, androgynous boys. And to be fair, who could blame them? It’s no secret that studs got the brief end of the stick when Heerser wasgoed doling out the sexy gene. So it’s no verrassing that women should fantasize about a best of both worlds situation, a female man. The pretty womanish boy is also sought after because he is a infrequent treasure. He’s unusual and unique.

Te japan, there is an entire subculture built around them. Thesis womanish boys are called, ‘bishonen.’ Bishonen can be actors, rockers and anime characters and through the latest dissemination of Japanese speelpop culture into the surplus of the world, this particular fascination has bot picked up by fan women worldwide.

A bishonen is generally tall, graceful and has long, flowing hair, pallid skin, large eyes, a petite nose, and, more often than not, is often mistaken to be a woman.

A further subculture of the bishonen toneel is “Yaoi.” Yaoi is an entire world you didn’t know existed that revolves around fetishizing not just pretty boys, but pretty boys ter love with other pretty boys, (te other words, homosexuality). Comics and television shows are written with this audience te mind. And women submersed within the yaoi world create artistic fanfictions of their favourite characters te fantasy mariquita situations. A common example would be to see a woman write a story about Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy putting aside their differences and falling ter love.

The androgynous rocker boy.

Gackt is the most womanish masculine singer te the entire world. He’s a Japanese speelgoedpop rocker with a entire legion of ventilatoren who love him purely for his androgynous good looks, his singing be damned. His music is a blend of the more bubblegum-y jpop sounds from singers such spil Ayumi and Japanese alt-rock, which of course mirrors his blended masculine/female appearance.

Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of the altstem rock liaison, Tokio Hotel, is Europe’s reaction to Gackt. So pretty, he could lightly pass for a doll, Bill and Tokio Hotel have recently risen to fame thanks to youtube and the internet. From an unknown German relatie with trite rock sounds to a world touring super act with thousand of screaming (female) ventilatoren. Tokio Hotel recently won an MTV movie award for best fresh act. Te the opinion of this newspaper man, it wasn’t because of the truly good music.

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