Never trust anyone unless you have attempted and tested him/hier and found him/hier trustworthy and maker fearing.

Lagos Nigeria scams aka 419 scams are advanced toverfee frauds or other scams mostly confidence tricks played against unaware people commonly called by a number of names, JJC which stands for Jolly Just Come (a term used to describe naГЇve and inexperienced people) or mugus (Suckers or fools) or simply the mark.

The term Lagos Nigeria scam is a misnomer spil it practically applies to all countries of the world. Most of thesis scams originated elsewhere but were picked up and used widely by some Nigerians. Scams are not spil widespread te Lagos Nigeria spil one is made to believe by película del Oeste media. However for sake of this article it will be known by that name.

Lagos Nigeria scams include, black money scams, lottery scams, phishing, talk slagroom love scams, advanced toverfee fraud, internet business scams and corporate impersonations.

Typically, this type of scams involve an individual or group (the syndicate) making a false voorkeur about a person’s (vooraanzicht) achievement or about a non-existing attractive prize and often requires that the said victim trusts those claims usually by appealing to the emotional weaknesses of the victim. Those weaknesses are mainly greed, ignorance and fear but could also include sympathy, affection and misguided honesty.

Depending on whom and where the scams are targeted at, there are two classes of thesis scams, electronic based scams (E-mail Advanced toverfee frauds, phishing, promotional winnings prize scam and talk slagroom scams) ter which the fraudsters are faceless and distant people hoping to get a random sucker. There is also the person-to-person, face-to-face scam te which the fraudsters come out boldly to make their open claims an example is the existente estate scam. The latter is usually targeted at specific individuals who can be traced and monitored albeit this is not always the case. Then a variation of thesis two classes of scams leads to a third class ter which the scammers may or may not be faceless and ter which the victim may or may not be known or monitored.

Examples of Lagos Nigeria Scams

An example of a Lagos Nigeria scam is the winnings or promotional prize winning scam ter which a random SMS is sent to the phone of a would be victim congratulating him/hier for winning the grand prize ter a legitimate company’s consumer promo . The scammers often times request their victims to voeling a particular person by phone. Eventually, the would-be victim is asked to part with some money ter the form of recharge/phone call vouchers after which the scammers break-off communication or proceed to request for more payment.

Another scam is the auténtico estate scam ter which the scammers portray themselves spil agents to landlords. They aim at unaware tenement seekers hoping that not being thorough enough te their investigation, they could be swindled. Thesis fraudsters will not zekering at anything to trick you. Some will go to the extent of bribing security guards te some of the houses being tested to create the impression that they have access to the entire house and hence are genuine agents.

There is also the visa scam ter which unaware members of the public are promised entry into película del Oeste countries and other economically successful places especially Canada and Australia upon purchase and completion of a form which most times is unconnected to genuine travel and immigration opportunities te the said countries. There will never be any successful applicant from such immigration programs order than those hired to make false claims by the fraudsters.

Te the past, the e-mail based 419 scams were well known for the economic and social hardships they created for many people abroad. However, this scam is not very much te use by scammers thesis days because information has reached far and broad about them. However, some scammers are still involved ter it. If you everzwijn receive an e-mail from anyone claiming to have a large amount of money trapped somewhere and soliciting your help ter retrieving it that is an example of an e-mail 419 scam. Eventually, you will be asked to part with some money to voorkant certain ‘costs’ which is the toverfee the fraudsters are out to get.

There are many more Lagos Nigeria scams but thesis are the most common types. But regardless of their form or variation, all scams involve someone or a group making empty claims about an attractive prize waiting to be received but only if you part with money or valuables. Always note that any serious attempt to verify those claims will always be frustrated.

The scams could also prey on your good nature especially if you are sympathetic or affectionate. By claiming that a loved one is te danger of being hurt, they hope you will feel pity and regret and do whatever is necessary to remedy the situation (most times that remedy is te financial terms). This method is common te the love or romance scams.

Warning against scammers

Scammers cannot be identified by their nationality, tribe or wedloop. They however can be identified by their behavior and habits which tells you who they truly are, Scum. They are very unproductive, lazy, overambitious and determined to acquire material things. Most scammers are manipulative and parasitic te behaivour.

Never trust anyone unless you have attempted and tested him/hier and found him/hier trustworthy and aker fearing. Most scammers are actual scum with no marketable abilities and a history of anti-social behaviours. Don’t be astonished if they are ready to kill a man for a few cents, because they are efectivo honrado filths. Don’t feel sorry for them whenever they are caught spil they can manipulate human feelings to their advantage. Most scammers are unrepentant crooks.

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