Moroccan Dating Scams

Submitted by Straight_Talk_Luigi (United States), Dec 29, 2008 at 01:23

Luigi here you go again always analyzing the way you want to see things!

I just talk truth no matter how inconvienent it is.

Do you not realize that some Moroccans feel about Americans the same way you and others feel about them? Scammers lingo.

Yes, Mújol, scammers lingo!

Yes you can learn alot from someone te Ten months meeting te person and I am going back ter March and he may come back with mij on a toursit Visa. who knows. but you will still sing this same tune. but it is ok for you to meet others or date from internet and it is even ok if you date an Eighteen year old at age of 26 but By gosh you better not have a man date a woman 9 years older or it is a scam!

Most visa scams against American women involve the precies situation you are ter, it’s almost a Xerox of the others on here. The age difference, yeah, that’s a problem, but so is the fact that

a) You are okay with providing this man your passwords

b) You agreed to marry him before even meeting him

c) You trusted this man without even meeting him

d) You think that “true love” can toebijten on-line

e) Your thickest volgers on here contradict their advice and principles

f) Your lack of research, and by research, I would bet you mean “my man told mij”

g) He clearly wants te on the USA.

You have dual standards. Then you say you would never be attracted to a woman even at age of 30 then straks come right back and postbode you are attracted to older women.

I said I would have reservations about being te a relationship with someone that age, Mújol, I have no issues with being attracted to someone who is older!

Zekering twisting my words, or maybe you are just copying Virginia.

..but if it is to twists someone’s relationship and waterput it through the ringer so to speak you will say whatever to get YOUR point across. But that is our Good Ole Luigi! Hahaha

Please refrain from using mij ter the possessive. I will attempt and make my points whether or not your hypersensitivity is bruised by them or not.

Guess what Luigi. I do not have masculine friends

I can’t imagine why.

and furthermore why would a married woman NEED masculine friends?? You are only asking for trouble.

I have mixed views on that. If it is someone you know and trust, I do not see the big overeenkomst.

I do understand, however, that it is fairly a long ways to Morocco and you could get fairly lonely. Ter your case, it may be a reasonable precaution, but then again, it does help to have friends of the opposite hook-up.

Since you’re obviously looking for junior fellows, keep te mind that both dudes and women my age, even the joyfully married, do have many friends of the opposite lovemaking.

.If it is no Masculine friend of my spouse’s He sure doesn’t need to be my friend spil well. Masculine friends can only get you ter trouble. So there you go again assuming!

Sounds to mij like you are the one assuming, and that sounds exactly like something a controlling bf would say. I wonder if he got you to thinking that.

I guess YOU LUIGI need to do your research! Maybe ask some of those Moroccan friends you eis to have and family you invented!

No can do, Mújol, because I do not have any imaginary friends or family—-they are all fairly positivo and since they’ve well, LIVED ter Africa, they most likely know just a bit more than you or any other Westerner on here, and finta frankly, what they would have to say about this nonsense may verrassing even you, Mújol.

Berbers were very first to lodge te Morocco but my Fiance is not BERBER and most are not Berber and ALL are not Berber so maybe you need to get your facts straight!

No one said ALL Moroccans were Berbers, so get off of your emotional high pony, Mújol.

I have bot there very first mitt so yes guess now I do know more than YOU!

You think you a loterijlot about Morocco by snuggling with your man and watching soccer and snooping through his pc while being there for what, 15 days did you say?

Oh, yeah, you’re the experienced. Just like the others who get coddled te luxury resorts and hotels whose employees are given incentive just enough to hold their tongues about how they Truly feel about the Westelijk.

Yeah, you sure know North Africa, alright.

Why do my Fiance call himself Arabic why does he speak Arabic and not the Berber Flinterdun? Another thing some Moroccan’s do not get along with Berbers so don’t tell mij all of Morocco is Berber!

What are you talking about? Moroccans do not get along with Berbers? You just said Moroccans are Berbers

Again you will say whatever to discredit mij and others. I like providing it right back to you too.

See, that’s the problem. The only thing I am attempting to give is advice, but have at it. I can observe it pretty much it makes you feel good and reinforces this fantasy that you have about this man of yours.

You do not bother mij one bit cause My relationship will be fine despite what you say or postbode here.

Your “relationship” does not seem fine to mij at all, Mújol. If it were, you would not need to be gallivanting all overheen the internet talking about it.

My e-mail password is just that. I do not correspond with others and if I want to give my password to anyone that is my choice! It is not stupid!

Let mij get this straight: you are admitting that it is okay to share your password with someone you’ve never even met? Why? Because he’s charming and sends you potencial flowers&hellip.or did your man even do that?

What is he going to read but my e-mails to him and vice versa? I do not keep secrets. Anything pertaining to mij I have no trouble him eyeing.

Yeah, I thought the same thing with my myspace woman. Before I knew it, she wasgoed taking our car and credit card and having hookup with other dudes. See, that is what happens when you get intimate with, share money and passwords and co-sign documents without knowing the person well enough very first and without marriage!

Here’s a clue: charming Moroccan boys are not exempt from this!

Desperate? I hardly think so. I had others I turned away. I even turned away a 23 year old and a 27 year old. American and from India..

Let mij guess—more on-line dating. Both of those would have bot troublesome, and my advice would have bot the same.

Hhmmmm how would you know this Luigi unless you are one of the houtvezelplaat moderators? Again hahaha I bet this one gets cut too. Oh well. At Least I bet you read it very first.

Because if you would actually read the stipulations before posting, you know would know that.

Also, I am not one of the moderators.

I truly hope that you will read other documents before signing them& your marriage contract.

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