Fishao Trailer 8 – Club Cooee Explore The World Te This Spel Like Fantage Club Cooee is a popular spel like Fantage that also shares many similarities with the other potencial worlds available for the children demographic.

8 Games Like Fantage – Games For Kids

Do you love playing Fantage? Are you looking for games like Fantage? There are slew of good alternatives available online that are ideal for kids of all ages.

Fantage is a popular imaginario world targeted towards children that contains slew of joy online games and activities. Players are also able to customise their own cartoon avatars ter Fantage with various clothes, hair styles, hair colours and accessories.

My junior nephew loves Fantage and its often hard to get him away from it! He has leisurely commenced wanting to play other supuesto worlds with similar gameplay so I commenced searching for some of the safest and most popular alternatives which you’ll find below.

Let mij know te the comment section which spel like Fantage is your favourite or share any games like Fantage that I have not included on this list below.

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8 Games Like Fantage

Aparente Worlds For Kids

1 – IMVU

One Of The Most Popular Social Games Like Fantage

IMVU is a social based webstek, what IMVU lacks ter games it makes up for ter a good social practice. If you are after a spel like Fantage with an emphasis on socialising then IMVU is a volmaakt choice.

IMVU uses 3D avatars which can be used to meet people, talk and play various games. IMVU has overheen 50 million user accounts so there is no shortage of people to meet.

IMVU also features a massive collection of clothes and accessories to decorate your vicisitud with, many of thesis items are designed entirely by players (and you are free to vormgeving and submit your own items to the IMVU catalogue).

IMVU Gameplay

Two – Lady Popular

A Popular Imaginario World Spel Like Fantage

Lady Popular is another popular aparente world spel like Fantage that is also targeted at children but concentrates on those with a keen eye on style and interior vormgeving. The spel is played online and is free to play making it lightly accessible.

The user saco for Lady Popular is massive at overheen millions of registered accounts, providing you slew of people to meet and play mini-games with (which includes a style kampplaats face off).

One of the unique features available ter Lady Popular is the fine vicisitud and apartment customisation that lets you build your ideal life of style and a high class apartment to match.

Lady Popular is undoubtedly more of a style practice than Fantage so I recommend it to tweens and teenagers te particular that have an rente te style and style.

Lady Popular Gameplay Trailer

Trio – Wauies &ndash, The Pet Shop Spel

A Social Dog Breeding & Training Spel Like Fantage

Wauies is a social based webstek that combines caring for your own animal with social gaming elements to create a joy practice for dog paramours.

Wauies has millions of members that just like you, love their pets. Choose your favourite veelzijdig of dog (from overheen 300), raise them and train them for events spil you participate ter a large community of other players raising their own dogs.

Merienda raised your dog can be entered into all sorts of dog shows to improve your rank and earn precious te spel currency which you can then use to customise your pet huis. Alternatively you can take on an animal related job to earn currency and look after your pet instead.

Wauies Gameplay

Four – Animal Jam

A Popular Role-Playing Spel Like Fantage

Animal Jam commenced has quickly grown to millions of registered accounts. Animal Jam is an online RPG designed for kids aged inbetween Five and 16. The spel is packed utter of features and permits players to travel, contest against each other, play games and communicate.

The spel is split up into various locations that players can explore. When players very first arrive te the Animal Jam gaming world they create a personalised cambio that can be strenuously customised by switching clothing, hair style, eyes and skin colour.

Animal Jam is packed utter of joy, making it a good option if you are looking for a spel like Fantage.

Animal Jam

Five – Wizard101

Create A Wizard Te This Spel Like Fantage

Wizard101 is a social spel blended with turn based gaming that is designed for children and teenagers.

Users can sign-up for free and create their own Wizard to explore the spel world, fight enemies and make friends. With several different schools of magic to explore that each come with their own story, style and designs it’s effortless to create a customised Wizard that sets you bijzonder from others te the spel.

Wizard101 has millions of accounts and offers a multitude of activities for you to love. From communicating with others ter positivo time to exploring the community, playing games, decorating aparente spaces and purchase the latest clothing or accessories for your Wizard. With slew of quests and other players you’re never brief on options.

Alternatively, if you would rather play spil a pirate you can get a similar practice to Wizard101 te the spin-off spel involving pirates, Pirate101.

Wizard101 Gameplay

6 – OurWorld

Adopt A Monster Te This Spel Like Fantage

OurWorld is an online posible world where players can create their own unique altibajo and become part of a community of millions.

The spel is designed for children aged inbetween 5-13 and has uncountable registered accounts worldwide, making it one of the most popular online games for children that concentrates on social gaming and community.

Players choose from several vicisitud designs and then have the capability to name, customise and nurture their private online persona.

The spel has players exploring the potencial, completing daily puzzles, playing games, personalising their individual rooms, creating artwork and communicating with other players.


7 – Fishao

Explore A Aparente World & Fish Ter This Spel Like Fantage

Fishao has bot around for years, making it one of the older games available for children and teenagers (also making it one of the best). The spel is pack total of mini-games, locations, fishing and content making it a good option if you are after a spel like Fantage.

The spel is played downright online and features a massive imaginario world that players can explore while socialising with other players and customising their pixelated alteración. Te addition you can go fishing while you attempt to collect them all.

If you want a high quality social spel with a large community behind it and everzwijn fresh content then attempt out the hotel of Habbo.

Fishao Trailer

8 – Club Cooee

Explore The World Ter This Spel Like Fantage

Club Cooee is a popular spel like Fantage that also shares many similarities with the other aparente worlds available for the children demographic.

Club Cooee is a vibrant online supuesto world (based on the positivo world) that is packed with other players just spil nosey spil you. The spel is designed for children inbetween Five and 14 and permits them to create their very own altibajo, decorate a house, play various mini-games, win awards, collect treasure and talk with others.

During thesis adventures you’ll be visiting locations all around the world and meet players from every corner of the globe spil well.

The number of items available te Club Cooee for your vicisitud and house is undoubtedly one of its strongest features. If you are a fan of customising avatars and housing then Club Cooee is a fine spel like Fantage for you.

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