What does fall mean to you

Fall holds it’s own unique meaning for every individual. It could be the coming of cooler days to some. While others, think of tailgating and football. To the junior individuals, it means back to schoolgebouw. Those who are sultry about nature, love this time of year. Something spil elementary spil a season switch, holds so many meanings to so many different individuals.

Falling Leaves

Spil fall embarks, temperatures are slightly cooler. It creates a mood of content. The falling leaves are vibrant te colors of crimson, yellow, and orange. Children playing te the leaves for hours on end. Laughing and leaping te and out of the mounds, theyВ feel were made just for them. People love long walks ter the park, or hiking ter the mountains. The falling leaves convey a feeling of tranquillity.


One of our beloved pastimes, football starts ter fall. Everyone looking forward to the commence of football season, Piss Wee, Middle Schoolgebouw, High Schoolgebouw, Collegium, and Professional. Each with its own unique group of followers. With football season, comes tailgating at the collegium and professional levels. A time to socially network with people, and have joy. They love the food, the company, the rivalry and wearing their dearest team colors. Good times for all involved.

Back to Schoolgebouw

Children head back to the classroom, just prior to the embark of fall. However, everyone associates fall with back to schoolgebouw. Children have mixed emotions during this time of year. They hate the classes and learning, but love interacting with their friends. It’s a time for social networking. They love extracurricular activities.

Parents have mixed emotions, spil well. Most parents are glad to see their children go back to schoolgebouw. Each have their own reasons, time to themselves, babysitting expenses, enjoyment of those extracurricular activities, and so much morel Fall brings joy, excitement, and peace to all involved.

Other Reflections of Fall

FamiliesВ would gatherВ to harvest crops. It’s also know spil apple-picking season. Halloween, a massive commercial event, occurs ter October.В One can findВ events such spil Oktoberfest. An event, which is geared around the happenings of the season. Hay rails, pumpkin carving, corn mazes, food vendors, pumpkin or apple pie-eating contests, bobbing for apples, and many more events reflecting the time of year.

Fall Reflection

No matter what it means. It a transitional time.В It signifiesВ the end of summer, and the passage to winter. It’s a reflection of all things loosening, soothing, serene, vivid, flamboyantВ and vibrant. The calming effect of the leaves falling,В a time of peace.

What comes to mind when you think of fall?

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