They have pages that permit you to slip the photos inwards the pagina.

My Family Album For 2011

The Importance Of A Family Photograph Album

Te this age of digital photography it seems to mij that people don’t place too much importance on keeping a Family Photograph Album anymore. I think this is a big mistake. Our family is very dear to us. The years go by so rapid, and wij find ourselves thinking of past events ter our lives. Wij have fond memories and some memories that bring sadness. I believe wij should have something tangible that wij can hold ter our palms, feel, and reminisce those events.

Keeping an album requires some time and effort, but I believe it is well worth that investment.

It is for those reasons that I have kept a photograph album for the past 54 years. I have an album for each year beginning te 1958 when I met and began dating my future spouse and the father of our four children. I voorwaarde have known I would marry this man because I never kept any souvenirs of dates with other youthfull fellows at the time. I just knew this man wasgoed the one I would spend my life with. I kept mementos of our dates: toegangsbewijs stubs of shows, dances wij attended, and restaurant menus.

Our Engagement Dinner Spijskaart 1958

Our Engagement Dinner Menukaart At Remond’s Cafe

Remond’s CafГ©, 1789 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga. Dated April Legal, 1958:

Can you believe thesis prices? A Fresh York Sirloin Stripverhaal Stead for $Five.50!

ВЅ Pheasant SautГ© Aux Champignons Three.75

В· Medallion of Veal SautГ© Masala Two.75

В· Roast Prime Rib of Beef Au Saus Trio.50

В· Broiled Wedged Flounder Three.50

В· Shish Kebab A Schuiflade Torque with Rice Trio.75

В· Petite Tenderloin Steak Three.50

В· Boneless Wedged Cornish Hoen Trio.75

В· Roast Long Island Duck A L’orange Trio.75

В· Broiled Stripverhaal Sirloin (N.Y. Cut) Five.50

В· Broiled Florida Lobster te Butter Sauce Trio.00

Dinners all came with Salad, choice of potato, Green Beans or Escofina Beans, and Bread

Don’t Get Too Fancy With The Voorkant Of Your Family Album

Creating a Family Album is not like scrapbooking. Thesis books should be made to withstand years of treating, so they have to made “harsh”, not tender.

Don’t go crazy with the voorkant for your album. I made the mistake a duo of years of covering my albums with padded fancy covers with some lace and ribbon. They were very pretty to start with, but after a brief time, they became dusty and dirty. It’s better to just leave the covers spil they are.

Recall, you are creating a Family Album that should last for years. So keep that ter mind. You want a voorkant that you can dust off with just a walm cloth.

I Have A Family Album For Each Year

I write the year of each album on each one. I have an album for each year since 1958. Thesis are placed on a standing shelf. The shelf I commenced out with is total now, and I have to place the reserve albums on another shelf. If wij get hurricane warnings, and wij have had some bad storms te the past, the albums are placed inwards a plastic garbage bag and they are taken up stairs ter case the lower floor is flooded. Thesis albums voorwaarde be protected at all costs. If my house should everzwijn catch fire, I will attempt to get the family albums out very first (after the people are out, of course).

The Packed Shelf With My Family Albums

Another Shelf With My Family Albums

My albums are like a diary. When my family gets together at my house, they love to get an album down from the shelf and look through it. My four daughters will laugh while they compare their kind photos, their teenage age years, and straks te life spil they are now. They like to look back at their hair and dress styles back then. When they were junior they loved to look back at their zuigeling photos. The junior Grandchildren love looking at the albums to see what their parents look like before they were born.

An Old Album

My Very first Family Albums Were Paper Scrapbooks

I have switched the way I keep my albums overheen the years. Te the fifties, I used a paper scrapbook. The photos were black and white because there wasgoed no color speelfilm then, and I used those photo corners that were made for that purpose. Overheen the years thesis scrapbooks have yellowed, and the corners have come unglued. One of my projects is to attempt and salvage those precious pages. Before I redo the albums, I will scan the photographs into my rekentuig for safe keeping.

Spil years went by I used a Three stadionring notebook with magnetic pages to hold the photos, and I would write directly on the pagina to label the photo: who it wasgoed, the occasion, etc. I found out after several years the magnetic pages turned yellow, and the writing wiped on the pagina even tho’ I used voortdurend marker on the pagina.

The Album I Now Use

Acid Free Magnetic Sheeets and Acid Free Sleeve Protectors

I Now Use A Three Stadionring Album

About eight years ago, I found some Albums that are three ringed. Each album has a printed table of contents te the pui so you can lightly find whatever you are searching for. They have pages that permit you to slip the photos inwards the pagina. Each pagina holds six photos pui and back. The photos can be spil large spil 4X6 inches. The pages are acid free which is significant. I write directly on the photograph using a fine point voortdurend marker. I keep a loterijlot of papers like report cards my children got overheen the years. Thesis are usually 8X10 inches. Those I place ter an acid free three fuckhole sheet protector. I think that is a good idea because when I diegene, my children can just liquidate the photos of their family that they would like to keep.

I take photos of each and every family occasion. I stream them on my pc, then I order prints from those. I have attempted printing my photos, but it takes a loterijlot of ink and they never are spil good spil when I order the prints to be made.

The Album I Now Use

The Album I Use

I Write The Year On Each Album

The Year 2011 Is Ended

The Mailbox Outside Our Very first Huis 1959

My Mother Holding Our Very first Zuigeling

Our Very first Kindje Born Te 1959

My Granddaughter’s Graduation From Collegium

The Birth Of My Very first Superb Granddaughter

My Albums Are A History Of Our Family

My family album is a history of our family. Wij have a history Te thesis albums where the records are there for all the joys and sorrows of our family, the vacations, the births, the marriages, and the deaths. If someone asks, “What year did wij go to the tour out Westelijk?”, or “What year did wij go to Costa Rica?”, or “When did wij make that excursion to Puerto Rico?”, wij can find those photos quickly.

I will admit sometimes I get busy and get behind te my Albums. Ideally spil soon spil I receive the prints, I go directly to the album and place those photos inwards. I attempt very hard not to get behind ter my job of keeping thefamily album.

Thesis albums are a very significant part of my family’s heritage. I like to think that when I’m dead, my family will appreciate the time and effort I waterput into creating our family albums.

My hope is that all thesis Family Albums will be kept ter my family for every member of my family to read and love. I also hope someone te our family will carry on the tradition of keeping a Family Album.

If you have not commenced a Family Album to hold all the memories of your family, I’d suggest you work on one before all the children are grown and have children of their own. You will be glad you did this for your family, and they will be glad you did, too!

One last thought: Be sure and write the name of the person (or persons) ter the photo, date it, and record the event on the back of the photo with a voortdurend fine point Sharpie. You think you will always reminisce who the people are ter the photo, but I know for a fact, you won’t recall.

Does Your Family Keep A Family Album?

A narrative poem about the endless love of a Grandmother who raised hier Granddaughter, because the child wasgoed born to a drug addicted Mother.

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