My boy friend of Two years always leaves mij messages on the bathroom mirror before he goes to work so when i get up and he is already gone i see them.

Wij all know that a loterijlot of guys can be a bit. Blunt sometimes. Not very romantic.

My advice is to keep away from the bad boys.Period!

sweet is good. i like sweet boys. i actually had my pack of so-called ‘bad boys’. they are very overrated.

Yeah, I used to go for the bad boys. Now I have a sweet one. Oh so much better. Laws yes.

20 some years ago, (while still dating my now spouse) wij were celebrating our one year anniversary of being a duo. Wij began going out on the 14th of the month, and he brought mij 14 roses. It wasn’t the roses however, it wasgoed what he said. He mentioned that he thought about buying a single rose for one year but since he planned to marry mij, that could get pretty expensive at the 25 or 30 year mark. He has a excellent sense of humor, but he truly meant what he said about marriage. I think it wasgoed very sweet and made mij love him even more.

The most romantic thing (well, not just one thing, but more like a fulfilled fantasy) wasgoed when my best masculine friend recently came back to the States, from his huis country of Pakistan. He wasgoed gone for Five months, and before he left wij had made beautiful sultry love, and of course I had cried and held him one last time. thinking that it would be the last time holding him.

Now, last night, Five months zometeen. he came overheen to my house (my children were all gone for the night, so I had some privacy)and he told mij all about his vacation and his travels. I’d missed him so much, and he knew that. and he told mij he had missed mij too. Then he told mij he wished to &quot,vertoning&quot, mij what he had fantasized about. and step by step, with very slow mitts and smooches and intimate touches, he Demonstrated mij (by doing) his fantasy. I wasgoed quivering and breathing and wasgoed confused, not realizing how much Five months had gone and now everything wasgoed coming back spil it wasgoed before. And it wasgoed one of the most beautiful and romantic memories I’ve everzwijn had, with this beautiful, very exotic, errotic man/paramour. So, te brief, the most romantic thing a man has everzwijn done for mij, wasgoed last night, when my Pakistani paramour Demonstrated mij his fantasy fantasy by LIVING it out with mij. I feel blessed and privileged that he chose mij and trusted mij enough to fulfill that with mij. It wasgoed very romantic.

My boy friend of Two years always leaves mij messages on the bathroom mirror before he goes to work so when i get up and he is already gone i see them. i love him!

Every Night, I Wrote Something For The Dame I Love!

And Posted For Everyone To See

You Touched My Heart. My Soul.

I Am Here, If You’d Only Care.

I love You, I Swear that’s True.

You Are An Vishaak, I’m So Sure.

I Only Live, Just For You.

Ohh, I Need Somebody To Love.

Doesn’t Your Soul Want Someone To Love?

I’d Give My Life For You, Live And Breathe For You.

If One Word Relates To Hier, It’s Vishaak. She’s The Most

Volmaakt Damsel, I Would Everzwijn Imagine, She Takes Away My Ache, She’s Amazing, I

Could Never Comprehend A More Beautiful Lady, She Possesses My Entire Heart. I Want

To Please All Hier Hearts Desires, She Is The One.

I Stared Into Your Eyes, Ohh They’re Soo Blue

I Wish You My Soul Tonight.

You Make Mij Want Eliminate My T-shirt, And Beg For You Ter The Rain

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