I may spil well have bot talking to a wall during long distance phone calls charged to my parent’s phone.

James Ranka, more widely known online spil Copywriter31, earned two BA’s – one ter Mass Communications and the other ter Music Vertoning.

For The Record, This Is Not Yours Truly, But He Makes A Lotsbestemming Of Sense!

Hey, Doesn’t Everyone Talk Like This?

I wasgoed born and raised ter SE Texas where the southern drawl wasgoed, unnecessary to say, prevalent. I thought my ingrained accent wasgoed simply a part of the way people communicated. Little did I realize people living ter California and Fresh York spoke differently: I just assumed that everyone walked and talked Texan.

Te fact, I had no idea that I possessed a powerful accent until my very first year ter collegium. I wasgoed a class AAAA pitcher ter high schoolgebouw and wasgoed powerfully recruited for a utter rail baseball scholarship. I chose St. John’s ter Kansas.

Imagine, speaking a certain ‘Southern’ way for Nineteen years and all of a unexpected you are left to fend for yourself ter the “Northern” state of Kansas.

Evidently, my accent wasgoed not terrible. at least I slipped through the loud-mouthed censors until the 3rd. week of collegium.

The Flag Football Spel

I truly liked the campus te Kansas . . . to this 19-year-old kid it wasgoed heaven.

Not necessarily te that order.

One Friday night, the entire masculine population ter our dorm determined to play a spel of flag football. All well – all good. until – someone on the other team dropped a pass and I blurted out something like “y’all suck!”

Little did I know there were about 6 co-eds watching “the boys” play football. One of the women picked up on my southern-drawled-y’all-statement and about Five seconds zometeen the razz began. “say y’all for us”, “is that how y’all talk te Texas?”

On and on this diatribe continued until I sleekly slithered away – crawling to my dorm slagroom for the night.

Right then, right there I knew my accent wasgoed MUCH more than just a different way of talking. My accent represented a slanted view of Texans. Within the blink of an eye, I realized my accent made mij seem stupid and uneducated. I dreamed to go back to Texas – back huis – where I would be accepted, where no one would look at mij spil being ignorant for using the term, “y’all”.

I may spil well have bot talking to a wall during long distance phone calls charged to my parent’s phone. I called every night, begging them to let mij come huis. They would hear nothing of that possibility.

When I ultimately realized they were not going to give ter to my blubbering jags, I abandon calling, but I made a life-changing decision. I determined to LOSE the southern drawl – totally, totally!

The gauze recorder

This activity took place ter the early 1970s. long before digital recording, now so prevalent, wasgoed nothing more than a pipe fantasy. The cassettebandje recorder wasgoed the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of the day and I will never leave behind the very first time I heard my voice on gauze. I recall thinking, “my schepper, I hope no one heard THAT!”

After hearing my voice for the very first time, I could see why and how the 6 damsels were so rightly judgemental. I sounded like a country bumpkin, no ifs, ands or buts. My voice made Larry the Cable Fellow sound metropolitan!

I didn’t want to talk for the remainder of the current semester.

Knowing that wasgoed unlikely, I continued to work on switching a drawl to a non-descript accent. Unluckily one of my classes that semester wasgoed Speech! O My Heerser, how I dreaded Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Two days of the week when I wasgoed required to stand up and talk ter vuurlijn of students from Lade, Fresh York, and other places north of Amarillo, Texas.

I recall jiggling like a leaf caught te a hurricane before my speeches. I survived Speech class, and spil each day passed, I lost a little more of my now unwanted drawl.

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