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With help from freelance photographer and PR specialist, Toby Aiken, wij discovered the six things you can do today that will volmaakt your profile pictures and help you have a better time online. Photos already up to scrape? Then why not leap to setting up your profile? Join EliteSingles by registering with the button below. Otherwise, read on for our photography master-class.

Why profile pictures are so significant

The only thing worse than a bad profile picture is no photo at all. Sound strange? It’s true. If you opt to skip the private photos ter your profile, you automatically alienate more than half of your potential audience. Ter fact, te a latest EliteSingles survey, 58% of British singles would turn down to open a profile without photos.

Toby Aiken, a professional freelance photographer based ter Gloucestershire, says that having profile pictures is an essential step for two reasons. Firstly, ‘’whether wij care to admit it or not, the very first thing that wij look at is appearance.’’ This is a sentiment echoed ter our survey: 65% of our UK respondents said that photos are the part of a profile that most catches their attention when they’re looking online.

The 2nd reason profile pictures count for so much is that they are a indeed valuable way to back up the impression you have created ter the written part of your profile. Spil Aiken explains: ‘’it’s significant to make sure your profile picture says the right things about you. If your profile says you love quiet nights te watching a movie, and your profile picture wasgoed taken on a infrequent wild night out or at a friend’s hun do then it’s not going to help your search!’’ Having photos that showcase the true you, however – now there’s an reserve way to catch the eye of someone truly like-minded.

So, it’s clear that photos are enormously significant – but what’s the best way to maximise your chances of photographic success? Toby Aiken helped us find the six steps that can help you get better profile photos.

1. Get comfy

An essential part of taking good profile pictures is the set up. Aiken recommends setting up somewhere you feel at ease: after all, one of the most significant parts of portrait photography is that the subject is relaxed and blessed!

He says ‘‘The key to taking a good photograph is making sure that you are convenient te your surroundings. Whether that means taking the photo te your lounge, or with a professional backdrop, if you are corriente with your surroundings, then you will be more relaxed and take a better photo. Consciously relieve your muscles and attempt to go with a natural smile:’’ If you feel silent and certain ter the photo, it will display te your profile – and that is an picture you undoubtedly want to project!

Two. Laying the ground work

Convenience may be king when it comes to an at-home photo shoot, but before you get too relaxed, you need to lay the ground work. Aiken points out that it is helpful to think about what will be te the framework of the finished photo (besides yourself, of course!). ‘’If you go for a slok ter your lounge, make sure the background is relatively clean – we’re not talking catalogue shoot clean, but just take a look and maybe clean that pile of washing you were meaning to overeenkomst with and make sure the curtains are straight.’’

Prepping yourself is also worth doing. This doesn’t mean providing yourself a full-on glam makeover, it just requires that you give a little thought to how your clothing and accessories will work on speelfilm. Aiken’s fattest peak here is that colour blocking can be very effective. ‘’Bright colours are fine, spil are pallid colours, but the significant thing is to avoid busy patterns.’’ Te other words, you want to be the strak of the voorstelling – not your clothing!

Three. Avoid the profile picture no-nos

Another thing to avoid is clothing that is too exposing. Te fact, te our survey, this wasgoed the voted the largest picture no-no by our UK members. 33% said that they were not ventilatoren of profile pictures that displayed too much skin, making unwrapping off the fattest photo mistake one can make.

Additionally, there are a few other photography no-goes that are best avoided. Remarkably (given their reputation), this doesn’t include selfies. Ter fact, they get a bit of a pass from our members, being voted spil unacceptable by just 10% of singles. The big portrait blunders were instead permanently wearing sunglasses (picked by 18%), and having poor photo-shopping abilities (16% ).

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