Despicable Mij Two

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  • The very very first toneel ter which wij see Gru. Wearing a grim expression on his face, he’s assembling a gun. He points it, pulls the trigger. and out comes a balloon shaped like a unicorn. Then the viewpoint pulls back and wij see that he’s preparing Agnes’ bday party.
  • “It is I, Gru. zinklebelle, the most magical fairy princess of all.”
  • “I’m sorry, I did not see you there.”

  • “Or there.”
  • “You know, you truly should announce your weaponsafter you fire them, Mr. Gru. For example. *shocks Gru*Lipstick taser!” This uur even provides the current pagina pic.
  • Gru’s excursion to the AVL .
    • The minions making joy of Silas’ name.
    • Both Minions: Hahahahahahahaha.

      Silas: (sneers disapprovingly) Hilarious.

      • Gru’s parting insult to Ramsbottom on their very first meeting.

      (Minions burst into laughter)

      • It makes glorious sense ter setting. Gru had originally hired a woman to come te dressed spil a fairy princess, only for the woman to bail. Gru doesn’t take it well.
      • One of Stuart’s expressions when Gru wasgoed hesitating simply screams “Just call hier already.”
      • And who could leave behind that toneel when Gru burns the defenseless telephone? He even says, “I hate you!” when he burns the phone!
      • Who thought it a brainy idea to give axes to the Minions?
      • The Minion with the axes just keeps running forward swinging the axes around. He chops Gru’s desk to onverdraagzaam and then tears through another wall to the outside. They’re not on the very first floor. You can hear the Minion scream spil he falls.
      • Before that, the Minion who ran ter with the hose pipe says something that sounds like “Wij’ve got this under control!” Yeah, you don’t.
      • “Bee-Do, Bee-Do, Bee-Do. “
      • And Carl is the only Minion who comes in through the onderbrak.
    • Stuart is the only one with the common sense to just use a fire extinguisher to waterput out the fire, then promptly blasts Carl when he annoys him with his siren sounds.
    • Margo’s expression when she spotted Antonio for the very first time.
      • Especially when she attempts to talk with him.
        • And also, the way Dr Nefario exits Gru’s evil lair. His scooter-jetbike is still very. slow.

        Gru (oblivious to what she’s up to): Uh. Pruce Weellis?

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