Presently Living ter the Philippines with my wifey and Kindje where I now earn my living fully online.

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I am a lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Quality Management, Business Management trainer and consultant with practice of working ter USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Saudi Arabia. I write on here about a few subjects very close to my heart that I am both qualified and experienced ter.

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Presently Living ter the Philippines with my wifey and Kind where I now earn my living fully online.

I escaped from the automotive industry after almost 20 years of implementing lean manufacturing, six sigma, Quality Management, TQM, and every TLA you can think of before moving into consultancy ter the UK. Working for the institute for manufacturing (IFM) at Cambridge University and the Cranfield University I managed well overheen a hundred business improvement projects overheen the years before realising that I can actualy save some of my ill-gotten gains if I work overseas where I don’t pay any tax.

So took employment ter the middle east (Saudi Arabia) where a social life seems to be viewed spil evil and against the law so nothing to do but “play” on the internet, those sites that are not banned also. So I spent three years employed ter Saudi Arabia having many joy adventures.

I have a masters degree ter Manufacturing, Management and Technology spil well spil postgraduate diplomas ter, International Operations Management, Quality, Enterprise and the Environment and Integrated health, Safety and Environmental Management.

My Very first of (I hope) many websites is Lean Manufacturing Instruments, feel free to visit and pull it to lumps spil I need all the advice I can get. The 2nd is Living ter Saudi Arabia where I expand even more on some of my exploits within KSA. ( )

I write about Working te Saudi Arabia, where you can learn about everything from getting your Saudi Visa, how expats are treated by Saudis, Saudi Women, Makkah Clock Tower through to my dearest how to date te Saudi Arabia.

I will also help you to understand what is Lean Manufacturing spil well spil helping you with lean history and discovering the benefits of Lean manufacturing. Te addition to this I will discuss and explain the many Lean Contraptions and principles such spil 5S, Value Stream Mapping, the Seven Wastes, Kanban, SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Diegene), and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) to name a few.

Also I write about Quality with articles about Quality Contraptions, and ISO9001, Everything from ISO9001 Procedures and ISO Quality Manual through to ISO9001 Lead Auditor Training.

I hope you love, if you have any comments please feel free to leave them.

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